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238 I feel great

I have made it a goal of mine to lose 20lbs before I go on vacation and all I have to say is I leave tomorrow and I have lost 22lbs. I have kept myself very active. I joined a gym and I have been eating way better.  I go to the gym almost every day, be it in the morning or after work. For breakfast I have been having a glass of V8 and apple and a banana. For a snack between meals I have a cereal bar. At lunch I will typically have a protein meal bar a small bag of pretzels and another apple.  For dinner I typically will eat whatever I want but most of my meals are very healthy. Among all this portioning I do treat myself once in a while! Stuff I like, like pizza, ice cream and those types of things. I have also taken a break from beer and mixed drinks. If I want to have a drink I will have wine….Also all throughout the day I drink plenty of water! So I don’t think there are any secrets here but I have found a routine that works for me. Straight back from vacation I will be right back on track. The weight loss and working out has done wonders for me in a positive sense. Waking up everyone morning feeling great is so awesome. My back issues are minimal, and I rarely get tired throughout the day. Treating your body right really does help you physically and mentally and I strongly suggest that anyone who has been thinking about eating better and working out, JUST DO IT! If you have pent up negative emotions work them out of your system at the gym. If you eat because you are stressed, just start eating healthy things. 🙂

Upon attaining this goal I will be reaching for the next goal of 20lbs more. I have also began training for something I have been wanting to do for a while. I benefit run. I have signed up for the TurkeyTrot 5K on thanksgiving day. I am really looking forward to this and many more to come.




Smiling is one of the easiest most positively encouraging things you can do.  Smile as much as possible. Smile at everything. Sure we all smile when things make us happy or we laugh at something, but why not just smile all the time? If you cannot smile without something making you happy, well think of things that make you happy, ALL THE TIME! Anytime you think of it just throw a smile on your face, you will feel so much better just in the act of making yourself smile. They say it takes 28 days to make something stick or make something a habit. So for 28 days smile, smile more then you have ever smiled. Even after a couple days you are just going to blanket yourself in positivism just merely by smiling. Smiling is so powerful.

The idea of smiling seems so easy and I am sure I am not saying much that you have not heard before. I did an experiment for a month. Acknowledging myself smiling all the time. To help me along I did an overwhelmingly successful addition to this experiment. Anywhere I went it was with my head held high and smiling. Anytime I made eye contact with anyone: Male, female, young, old, anyone, I smiled even bigger at them. 100% of the time they smiled back. The results within were amazing. Your already putting yourself in a positive state by smiling, but now you are receiving a smile in return, DOUBLING your positive feeling for the other person and yourself. SO EASY! All you have to do is smile. You never know you may have made that other persons day.

What makes me happy is people watching, searching for smiles. I don’t even need the eye contact. Whenever I see an elderly person with a permanent smile on their face it just warms my heart. I know that they have lead such an awesome life.  I will honestly say that our bodies carry so many attractive features but the most attractive to me is a smile, it is the first thing I notice. I see beautiful smiles everyday but there will always be that rare one that I cannot even describe that just rushes straight to me heart with so many good feelings.

All in all smile. Smile all the time, it is so easy. You are making yourself feel better and you never know out in this world, who thinks your smile is beautiful, who thinks you are beautiful, and who’s say you are making.

Do away with “OK”

When someone asks how you are doing, how often do you just say “OK”?  Start giving some honest answers and you will start feeling so much better about yourself. Just saying “ok” really tells nothing about how you are feeling. It is telling people that you don’t care, and there will be no return response because nobody is going to care why you are just doing “ok”.

It is so easy to turn this around. If things are going great or better, you are short changing yourself from easy positive connections. If you are feeling great tell people you are feeling great. Chances are they are going to ask why. When they ask why, TELL THEM! Tell everyone that you are doing great. You will most definitely get an overwhelming positive response.  Who knows you may make someone’s day, or make someone’s day better! Always, always, always tell people, strangers even, how you are doing, especially if you have something positive to say. A little positive attitude goes a long way.  Same goes on the other side of the table. When you ask someone how they are doing and they say great, ask them why, let them tell you and take it in. Those are free positive vibes and they are so easy to receive.  You are doing no harm what so ever by being honest with yourself and others. The more you talk about something good in your life the better and better you will feel.

A negative response on someone’s day is not something to be ignored. Nor should you ignore the opportunity to vent to others. If someone is asking you how your day was, and you are having a bad day, this is your opportunity to vent. If you are talking to a good friend or family and you say you are having a bad day, I am sure they are more than willing to listen as to why. May not be a good idea for a stranger but at the very least you owe it to yourself to truthfully acknowledge that you are not doing well. The more you express your bad feeling the faster you will be able to get past them.

So basically if you cut back on just saying “ok” when someone asks how you are doing, your are benefiting your positive personality in the long run. You will feel a lot better about an honest answer instead of the generic “ok”. When someone responds with an “ok” to you, perhaps try to engage them further. Ask them: Just ok? Why ok? get them to give you a better answer. We are not here to merely help ourselves but we are here to help others and in turn gain so much positivism in return.

UP Mode

UP With Marc, Ultra Positivism with Marc. Many years ago I came to a realization that I wholeheartedly hated my job. I was working in the deli at a major grocery store, all through college. 3 years into college and the deli and relatively depression free now; I was realizing how much I wanted out of the deli to start the career I was going to school for. I was very negative and bitter towards the job and most of my fellow employees. I awoke one day and said I really needed to change my attitude. This is when I came up with “Ultra Positive Mode”

I started with this Ultra Positive Mode right away. I am going in for another day at work but with a different approach this time. I decided I wanted to put myself in a good mood. It is common courtesy to ask how someone is doing.  It is also common for people to just answer with a generic response, “Ok” or “Fine”. Those answers bother me. Add some definition and passion to your response. If you are doing good say you are doing good, if you are doing bad say you are doing bad. Anyways, when people at work asked how I was doing I would give them a way over exaggerated response. “Oh I am doing amazing”. This notion of exaggeration had transformed my attitude not only at work but in life. The more and more I kept saying I was doing amazing each day, the closer and closer I got to actually feeling amazing. When they ask why I was doing so good, I started out just by saying “Life is good, do I need any other reason?”  Over time all of my coworkers started to love working with me even more. My great attitude started rubbing off on everyone. I begin to tolerate, perform better and eventually like my job. Outside of work I would not rush home or out with friends anymore to just start complaining about work. I could just go straight into the good parts of my life.

I used to be depressed, negative, a complainer, a guilt tripper. Ultra Positive Mode or UP Mode was the new beginning of transforming my life. For the record I have had many positive transforming parts of my life, if you recall in the earlier background posts of this blog. You will hear more for sure, and now in the present day I believe I have found my calling. I want to share with the world my ways to a more positive life style. I really look forward to seeing if my ideas catch the interests of others. I have ideas piled up that I just need to write down and share with you. As the days progress my positivism grows stronger and the good ideas come pouring in, so please stick around. Come back often, and share this blog with your friends and family. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook as to when I post or just come back here and see what’s new. I will be writing as much as possible, and feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Some of the stuff you may already know, some of it may be simple, some of it may not make sense but everything I write is an idea that is true to me. We all have differences but there are endless ways to be positive.

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