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Smiling is one of the easiest most positively encouraging things you can do.  Smile as much as possible. Smile at everything. Sure we all smile when things make us happy or we laugh at something, but why not just smile all the time? If you cannot smile without something making you happy, well think of things that make you happy, ALL THE TIME! Anytime you think of it just throw a smile on your face, you will feel so much better just in the act of making yourself smile. They say it takes 28 days to make something stick or make something a habit. So for 28 days smile, smile more then you have ever smiled. Even after a couple days you are just going to blanket yourself in positivism just merely by smiling. Smiling is so powerful.

The idea of smiling seems so easy and I am sure I am not saying much that you have not heard before. I did an experiment for a month. Acknowledging myself smiling all the time. To help me along I did an overwhelmingly successful addition to this experiment. Anywhere I went it was with my head held high and smiling. Anytime I made eye contact with anyone: Male, female, young, old, anyone, I smiled even bigger at them. 100% of the time they smiled back. The results within were amazing. Your already putting yourself in a positive state by smiling, but now you are receiving a smile in return, DOUBLING your positive feeling for the other person and yourself. SO EASY! All you have to do is smile. You never know you may have made that other persons day.

What makes me happy is people watching, searching for smiles. I don’t even need the eye contact. Whenever I see an elderly person with a permanent smile on their face it just warms my heart. I know that they have lead such an awesome life.  I will honestly say that our bodies carry so many attractive features but the most attractive to me is a smile, it is the first thing I notice. I see beautiful smiles everyday but there will always be that rare one that I cannot even describe that just rushes straight to me heart with so many good feelings.

All in all smile. Smile all the time, it is so easy. You are making yourself feel better and you never know out in this world, who thinks your smile is beautiful, who thinks you are beautiful, and who’s say you are making.


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