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238 I feel great

I have made it a goal of mine to lose 20lbs before I go on vacation and all I have to say is I leave tomorrow and I have lost 22lbs. I have kept myself very active. I joined a gym and I have been eating way better.  I go to the gym almost every day, be it in the morning or after work. For breakfast I have been having a glass of V8 and apple and a banana. For a snack between meals I have a cereal bar. At lunch I will typically have a protein meal bar a small bag of pretzels and another apple.  For dinner I typically will eat whatever I want but most of my meals are very healthy. Among all this portioning I do treat myself once in a while! Stuff I like, like pizza, ice cream and those types of things. I have also taken a break from beer and mixed drinks. If I want to have a drink I will have wine….Also all throughout the day I drink plenty of water! So I don’t think there are any secrets here but I have found a routine that works for me. Straight back from vacation I will be right back on track. The weight loss and working out has done wonders for me in a positive sense. Waking up everyone morning feeling great is so awesome. My back issues are minimal, and I rarely get tired throughout the day. Treating your body right really does help you physically and mentally and I strongly suggest that anyone who has been thinking about eating better and working out, JUST DO IT! If you have pent up negative emotions work them out of your system at the gym. If you eat because you are stressed, just start eating healthy things. 🙂

Upon attaining this goal I will be reaching for the next goal of 20lbs more. I have also began training for something I have been wanting to do for a while. I benefit run. I have signed up for the TurkeyTrot 5K on thanksgiving day. I am really looking forward to this and many more to come.


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