For those of you who know me, you already know what the phrase “YOU WANT ME” means to me. But for those that do not, perhaps you can see why it is the subtitle to my blog. In my negative depressed days I used to say things like; whatever, I guess, and I don’t know. In my own opinion those are all negative responses permitting of course the context it is being used in. Given my better view on life many many years ago I wanted to turn that around. I cannot pin point the exact moment for the arrival of the phrase “YOU WANT ME” but I can at least tell you what it means.

First what it does not mean. It is not some arrogant remark to say that I am so awesome or so much better then you that I am noting the fact that you want me, but it does mean plenty of good things. First off it is just plain funny! It is a sign that I am comfortable with myself. It is like a hello for some. It is the opportunity to throw in the random ice breaker to start a conversation. I use it to stop a bad conversation. I use it to calm an argument. If someone is trying to make me feel uncomfortable I can say it to them to feel better. It adds light hearted innocent humor to the room. It defines the people that do not care for me because it will weird them out when I say it! In the sense of love the words speak for themselves, YOU WANT ME! One of the best reasons I say it is I love to hear the creative responses back!

I say it to friends, family, strangers, and anyone really. It is not always willy nilly coming out of my mouth but it shows that I am on a comfort level with you and if you are not weirded out it is a good feeling that you are comfortable with me. I love that my phrase has spread to others. I really get a kick out of it when I hear others say it to me or whoever!

People have catch phrases and quotes to remember them by…..mine is just simply YOU WANT ME! It has never brought any bad things my direction, and I have been saying it for as long as I can remember! Find your catch phrase and have fun with it!


About upwithmarc

A creative mind takes no label. A positive mind sees past that which is easy to find. Find the things you love in life and share them with others. I am an artist. I am a positive thinker. I am on a quest to love everything life gives to me. On the outside I am no different then anyone else but on the inside I feel I have a lot of different things to share. My goal is to find those willing to listen. Those willing to share there thoughts in return. I have a long list of goals in my life, some I have met and all the rest I am getting closer to every day. I want to write a book, I want to be a motivational speaker, I want to own an art gallery, just to name a few.

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  1. Hilarious! I would love to hear your intonation when you say You want me. Can you add a short video here, of you saying it?


    • Ha! you are awesome! This is quite the fun request. I will see what I can do. My next step in my venture is to start a YouTube Channel and the “you want me” will be part of the video. I will post something for you soon!


      • Yay! Thanks. Social media is such a great canvas for creativity isn’t it? I have similar plans but it’s endless and I get overwhelmed sometimes instead of just doing it.


      • Our individual lives are a canvas for creativity. The world is our medium. write your ideas down and go after them one at a time.


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