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Be Grateful for your birthday

Be Grateful for your birthday

The Day you were born, the day this world was presented, your day of birth, YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Your birthday should be a great moment. It is not about gifts, dinner or drinks, it is about celebrating a whole year of time you have had to explore what this world has to offer. Many things can happen in a year of time but if you are not grateful for each day it is possible that nothing may seem to happen.  Your birthday is a time for reflection. What has happened in the past year,  what have you learned, and what you are grateful for? What have you accomplished in the past year and what have you learned from your failures? Maybe the most important thing to reflect upon is not your age but the age you feel. It is a great thing to feel young or younger as the years go by. The easiest way for that is staying healthy and having a positive attitude toward life.

Don’t Ignore your birthday. Every happy birthday greeting you receive let it travel through your ears and down to your heart and out thru the rest of your life! I am 32 standing at the cliffs of the rest of my life, and building the bridge to a new life. I am changing my career, listening to my health, and embracing a more positive attitude. Everything is going to be amazing because amazing is what I am reaching for. I reach for the best in everything I do, and it is something that all of us can easily do. You are never too young, you are never too old, and it is never too early or late, to feel great about yourself and be grateful for the world of opportunities around you.

Happy Birthday!


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