Part of keeping a positive attitude is loving everyone around us. At a population of 7 billion and growing, there are a lot of different people in this world with a lot of different personalities and interests.  No one is telling us we have to agree with what people are saying or how they are acting but we can certainly put effort into accepting and finding the positive within those things we do not seem to like or agree with.  I believe what a person looks like should have no effect what so ever on how we perceive who they are as a person. There are so many different age groups as well. From Infants to teen to adults to elderly and plenty in between. Embrace all ages, all personalities, all nationalities, all of the human race on this planet.

I understand that some instances would be hard to handle but we can! for example: (I am no expert)

A baby crying on a plane!

You are on a 3+ hour flight and right in front of you there is a baby crying the entire time. This one is easy. Put yourself in their shoes. Show empathy for the child and its parents. You were a baby once no matter if you cried a lot or were in this same situation but you were in fact a baby once, and chances are you will be having a child of your own some day as well. Next you ask, “well why are they bringing that baby on the plane?” We as the outside listener in the situation have no idea why the crying baby is on the plane. Don’t concern yourself with the noise, for all we know they could be rushing to see the last moments of another family members life, or their funeral.  There are so many reasons that a crying baby could be on a plane, he or she could just be plain scared. When you hear a crying child instead of being irritated consider yourself blessed. Bless to be in the presents of new life. That baby is just as scared of new things as we are but they have not learned how to accept or work out the things that bother them, so they are doing what they know. Crying is part of life and we do it all our life, accept it. When you hear a crying child just smile and take in life!

A Sassy teenager!

Unless you are a teenager reading this, we have all been in these shoes. No matter how we were brought up there is a certain time in our lives where we are gaining the feel of independence and we are smart and we know everything. We can do no wrong in our own eyes and we want more. Empathy again. I will not address this as a parent of a teen as I am not a parent (yet). In any case I do have nieces and nephews and plenty exposure to teens as a Leader in Scouts. It’s tough to not be irritated when they won’t do something you asked, or they do something you don’t want them to do. It is all part of the learning process of life. As a teen they are on top of the world, They have very few burdens of responsibility. They are more carefree then they will ever be in their entire lives. That feeling is intoxicating and powerful, we have all been there. So let he teens be happy,  and don’t let their sassiness get out of hand but understand where it is coming from. The thing that makes me smile the most is in Scouts. You can watch them start as young boys and grow in maturity, knowledge and spirit. being around this natural transition is amazing.

The “I am always right” or “the talker” Adult!

As an adult we are all deep into our own pursuing of life. relatively set in our ways. Let those people be right, and listen when those people talk. There is no use fighting it. We all have establish great independence at this point and everything on this planet can be perceived in many different ways. There should be no harm in stating your difference even if they don’t agree. Empathy plays here again, because you don’t agree with them either. Who is to say who is right. You can not change their mind but you can just except their point of view, hope they except yours and move on. We should all be able to freely share our thoughts and being the one able to smile in the end is the one that excepts being wrong, and listens to that talker. Love every word out of our human mouths

There are many different instances that I could write about but I would be here for days and in no way do my views have to be agreed upon by you as the reader. I am sure many of you can find something that typically irritates people or yourself and find good in it instead. Embrace diversity. We are all different, and we all have control of our own mind and our own thoughts. Choose to look at the brighter side of people and except their views.

On another note I had a thought the other day. There are a few things in life that I gave people crap about, like having a cell phone and texting all the time, but here I am today with one of the best Smart Phones out right no so addicted! The world around us is always changing and we are always changing. Sometimes things just line up. Always, I have said I don’t want kids, well driving in my car one day this wave of thoughts about  wanting kids slammed into my head. I literally almost pulled over, because I was beside myself. Now I think I want kids, or maybe one. Either way it is a brand new thought and it is a lesson in a lesson here, We are always changing. Embrace the change in our lives. Listen to ourselves more. We have so many positive things on our mind, don’t let the negative block them out. The more I free myself from negatives the more I am discovering about myself. The more open minded I have become in listening to others.



About upwithmarc

A creative mind takes no label. A positive mind sees past that which is easy to find. Find the things you love in life and share them with others. I am an artist. I am a positive thinker. I am on a quest to love everything life gives to me. On the outside I am no different then anyone else but on the inside I feel I have a lot of different things to share. My goal is to find those willing to listen. Those willing to share there thoughts in return. I have a long list of goals in my life, some I have met and all the rest I am getting closer to every day. I want to write a book, I want to be a motivational speaker, I want to own an art gallery, just to name a few.

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  1. Empathy certainly does need to be used more!


  2. I read this before and it really hit home tonight. Thank you for posting this. I hope you got my texts. Have a Merry Christmas!


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