3 goals 1 day

BONUS BLOG POST!!! I achieved some big goals today, and I wanted to share them with you.


Every morning I jump on the scale. For some, that may not be helpful, but for me it is. I have worked very hard to bring my weigh down. Eating right, exercising, and staying active. The most I have weighed was 280, that was a couple years ago. Close to the beginning of last year I was a little over 260. I had a goal to lose 20lbs, which I did. I then set a new goal to lose 20lbs more. I give myself no time frame to meet these goals but I know if I continue to eat better and exercise I will continue to see the weight drop. TODAY I MET MY GOAL OF 220LBS! I thought I would settle there but nope. I am setting a new goal to drop below 200. I am so happy that I have been losing all this weight and I am really excited to take on this next goal.


I started a new job, heck a new career about 3 weeks ago, basically at the beginning of the year. It is in Marketing and Event Planning. I absolutely love this job. Seriously the best job I have ever had. I said to myself,  only once, why did I not find this sooner, and I answered myself too. I applied for this same job maybe about 2 years ago. Did not appeal to me at all. I came across it again by accident and realized with all the changes in my life this job was perfect. Boy was I right! As in any new career you start at entry level. My goal was to become a Trainer in 3 weeks. TODAY I MET MY GOAL OF BECOMING TRAINER! Now it is on word to the pathway of Assistant Manager. There were 2 reasons I choose 3 weeks. The first one, well it was the suggested time frame to me in my interviews. I made this job my life and I am grateful to be rewarded for my efforts. The 2nd reason ties into my next goal.


On my first day in the morning meeting they talked about a Dallas trip. Interesting I thought. They said it was a trip primarily for Trainers. It is a conference in Dallas of all the top people in the company tons of success stories and speakers. It is also supposed to be a 5star experience but I was most interested in meeting and hearing the people and their stories. Only a handful of people get to go on this trip. I figure it is 3 weeks away I may as well prove of myself to attend this event! TODAY I MET MY GOAL OF GOING TO DALLAS. What to reach for next?…Well that is easy. To come back to Dallas and be up on the stage instead of in the audience. I am thrilled to be around so many positive inspiring people! I cannot even stop thinking about it. I’ll be down there this Monday and Tuesday.

For those of you new to my blog please check out the “About” tab and you will see why goal number 3 is so special for me. This Job is going to take me exactly where I want to be in my life. Every success at Exclusive Promotions is one step closer to my goals in life. When you can combine your everyday attitude, with a job you love, and combine those with where you want to be in life it is the PERFECT sign that you are going exactly where you want to be. My road is long but right now I am running. I have higher goals in mind and I WILL MET THEM. I will fall, I will get up, I will fail, I will learn, and most importantly I will achieve my goals. All of you are helping me in one way or another and I  am beyond grateful for it.

Now what will come first 20 more pounds or Assistant Manager? Who knows but there is a big list of goals that will be achieved before either one of those.



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  1. Wow Mark! That’s so exciting!!!! Your goals are so huge and you are achieving them so fast 😀 You are an inspiration. I have set a few goals for myself too: I want to get my housework done before Zumba happens, I want to wait to check facebook untill 6pm, I want to convince Julio to learn acro balancing with me instead of watching Netflix, and I want to start taking cold showers before dawn every morning. So far….. I have only accomplished one of those goals…. But, I know that, for me, I have to think about things for a while before I can have the guts to actually do them. A neat trick to help achieve your goals is to say things like, “I only check facebook after 6pm.” and “I enjoy taking cold showers before dawn every morning.” 😉


    • the pace at which we reach our goals is not a race. We can do anything we put our minds to how fast we get there is not as important as if we are still moving forward or not. I like your goals too! 🙂


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