Replacement Words

Replacing words for a more positive life.

Back in my younger days I was always saying things like: No, I don’t know, I don’t care, whatever. I have a whole family that can certainly attest to these continued phrases out of my mouth, but my friends cannot. Why not my friend, you are probably wondering? I had no friends. My negative attitude was the main reason for that. Now if you read in the earlier parts of my blog you can certainly see a little bit of my back ground. Feel free to check out some of my earliest post if you want! For now let’s talk about some positive words.


How many people were expecting that to be my first word? It is the easiest word of all positive words out there. Yes is all about taking action, taking responsibility, taking chances, accepting your challenges, accepting your mistakes, moving forward, embracing the people you love, and embracing the opportunities in your life. This is not all rocket science for sure, this is basic stuff. Sometimes the simplest of advice you need to read about or be told to take action on it in your own life. Add  the word yes more into your life and see the changes! Yes I can, yes I will, yes I did, yes I’ll try again,YES!


This really just names a few. I did a post a few months back called “Do Away With OK”. how many times a day do you hear and say the word OK? to many I am sure. Try to be more honest with yourself and others and start using the more descriptive words. If you had an awesome day tell us, tell the world it was awesome, not just OK! Get more involved in your life, get more excited about your life, and get others more excited about your life too.


This seems to be a tough thing for a lot of people. As most of you may already know I am on a never ending amazing quest to love and find the positives in everything in life. Some of you may laugh and deem it not possible but really none of us are ever going to know the truth unless we keep trying. I used to say I would be ready to die at the age of 85, but now I want to live forever. There are so many things in this world to fall in love with besides our significant other and family and friends. My dying wish should I every even need one, ha, is to pass on with a smile, to know that I found as much good in this world as I possibly could. That is a hefty goal but I am well on my way, I discover new things that I love daily, and still appreciate the things I already love. I Love my family, my friend, and my job. Sure these are all basic but how many of you actually break your day down. I love my work out, I love the cottage cheese and pineapple I just ate, I love my clean bedroom, I love this blog, I love my new hat and I love that I have the day off work today. We can even find love in simpler things than those. I love that I have a place to sleep, I love that I can eat, I love that I can drive, and I LOVE THAT I WAKE UP EVERY MORNING. We should all be grateful for everything in our lives and we should all be comfortable saying “I love you” to one another in any circumstance. We should all be comfortable to express the other things in our lives as well. I love everything. Try to express the things you love in life to yourself and others.

Can these 3 things change your life? Well I am not a miracle worker but these simple things brought me to where I stand today. So YES I LOVE MY EXCELLENT LIFE! Do you love yours? start making it more positive today and see how each day starts getting better. Fill your life with more positive words and filter out the negative ones.

Here is a cool article about replacing negative words with positive words.


If this is your first time viewing my blog or if you have not looked around you should totally take a look at my past posts. You don’t have to scroll through all of them either, you can click on them by category along the left side of the blog. As always thank you all so much for following my blog.


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