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“The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.”
-Martin Luther King Jr-


We can easily behave well within our comfort zone. We can keep ourselves collected when we enter a situation we have been in, know, or are prepared for. What matters most is how we stand in the unpredictable times, how we handle new challenges. The confidence and efforts we show in those situations are what really defines the kind of person we are. Make it a point each day to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, or learn something new. Always be prepared and show confidence for what may lie ahead.



Something many of us struggle with, including me from time to time; taking advice from others. I have learned the hard way that sometimes people do not want to hear what they need to do or should do. I love to help people but those close to me I wait until they come to me in most cases before I start giving them any ideas.

Advice can come from many sources; TV shows, books, magazine articles, counselors, friends, family, significant other, etc. The thing is, everyone one of those sources may have a different opinion. With the plethora of ideas it can certainly become overwhelming at times. We still have other ideas already in our head as well, including the possibility that there isn’t even a problem to begin with.

My advice should you choose to read is simple, stop rebelling against everyone’s ideas. People are just trying to help. You can certainly filter through all the advice with a grain of salt, but really what do you have to lose hearing people out? If your thoughts travel to  thinking you’re a bad person or change is the only answer; unless that person themselves is a bad influence in your life they more often than not genuinely care. I know right now I can be stubborn from time to time, but more and more I seek the info of others, not always to fix a problem but to broaden my perspective on life’s issues and opportunities.

How many times has someone told you something that you were so against only to realize down the line they were right? For me that has happened many times, and I know that I have told people things only for them to come back and say thank you later on. That long laid out feeling is almost worst then just taking in what the person had to say to begin with. This does not happen with every situation for sure, and even though we want to figure out things on our own sometimes, what harm is it to hear someone out? What harm is it to try someone’s idea or think over the possibilities? It is all about being stubborn or just plain negative. No one is forcing you to do anything with the advice but if you show a sense of gratitude for the attempted help it is only going to be good feelings all the way around the conversation. I know there are plenty of extreme situations as far as bossy people and people that always have something to say. Those people you need to think to yourself the value that they have in your life. Ultimately if you surround yourself with good people it is common sense that you shall get mostly good advice right? All the more reason to listen to what those people have to say.

 “Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that is no reason to not give it.”

-Agatha Christie-

I am one of those people that might always have something to say as far as helping someone. But the more I mature the more I know when to just keep my mouth shut. When I do feel I really should say something I try to be as neutral and understanding as possible. There is different reasoning behind every situation and without knowing all the facts you cannot very well give good advice anyways, at least directly to someone. This is actually a big reason for my blog, I have so many ideas rolling around in my head and I want to share all of them. At least this way I am not forcing my views or opinions on people. All in all it is just all about many ways to be more positive in your life, and I would gladly hear anyone’s ideas on the subject of positivism!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Many have given their lives and will give their lives for the freedoms we have. We can all make a difference in one way or another, but we should cherish and remember always, those that gave their lives to make a difference in ours.

Famous Quote Friday

“Stand up and walk out of your history.”
-Phil McGraw- (Dr. Phil)

If you are living in your past you really are not going anywhere in life but backwards. You always want to move forward in your life. Sure it is not a piece of cake. Sometimes you need to take risks or chances. Sometimes you need to find things out the hard way. Sometimes you will make mistakes, others may make mistakes. If you don’t try some things than you develop a small history of never knowing. Instead of ignoring the things that are in your way, you need to move through them, past them, or around them. You need to get up and go out in your life and create history not live in it.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook

I thought this was amazing it was actually posted here
they also have a blog feel free to check them out.

Famous Quote Friday

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein


We are going to run into problems all our lives, with work, family, friends, relationships, ourselves, etc. We run into problems most of the time when we least expect it. There is where the solving process lies within the same level of thinking. We let the emotions take charge and it really handicaps the thought process. We could very well be stubborn or naive to the solution even if it is right in front of our face. Anytime we want to solve a problem it needs to involve a different level of thinking. Usually involves thinking outside the box, or consulting others. That is your different level of thinking. So the next time you run into a problem just stop and think. Think outside of the current emotional state that problem has put you in. You will certainly be able to solve your problems with a lot more clarity and a lot fast.


Have a great weekend everyone.

3 Positives For Every Negative

Here is a challenge for those that choose to except, and another way for you to become a more positive person. For every negative person in your life find 3 good things about them. For every negative thought in your head think about 3 positive things about that very thing you are thinking about. For every bad day you have think about 3 things that were good about the day. For every negative or bad person you encounter find 3 good things about them. For every mistake you make what are 3 things that did or could come from it. For every bad story you hear on the news hop on the internet and find 3 good ones. For every person that wrongs you find 3 positive things about them.


I could just go on and on but I think you get the idea. It is so simple, is it not? I actually learned this in the short time I was in marketing. I learned so much about how to talk to people. I learned more ways to be and stay positive. I know a ton about goals but in this marketing job I learned so much more. I ended up moving on from marketing and it has just opened myself up to learn even more new things about life, and my life. Never stop learning, never stop reading and never stop listening.


This little trick has really helped me on many occasions. I am certainly not super humanly positive 100% of the time but those spikes when I am presented with negatives I have a variety of positives that linger nearby. When you look for the positives long enough, eventually it grows on you and starts to become natural.


I reached 500 followers today I am so excited. I am so grateful for those of you who read and follow my blog. I get more people that find me every week and I get more excited every week, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Enjoy the rest of the week everyone. I am off to the Field Museum here in Chicago, for the day. What are your 3 positives today?



She is a one of a kind. Even when you are mad at her she still loves you. Shes the most beautiful woman in your life. No matter if she is by your side, miles away, or up in heaven this wonderful lady will always be your mother. She will always love you, sometimes in ways you may not understand or except, but cherish the ways that you do.

For my mom, for the moms in my family, for the moms within my friendships, for the moms adopting me into your lives, for the new or soon to be moms, for those that may only mother their pets for the moms that have passed thru my life, for the moms I still have yet to meet, for the moms that have passed on, for the moms I may never meet, for all the moms:



Famous Quote Friday

“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.”

Alexander Graham Bell

It is a powerful feeling indeed. But it needs to be harnessed and used effectively. You need to be educated and confident that your determination is going in the right direction. I myself am blazing a new trail in my life. I know it is hard, I know it is a lot of work, but I also see my future and I am reaching closer and closer to it every day. It gets hard from time to time there is no doubt about that.  You just need to remind yourself where you are going with your life. The only way to get there is full speed ahead, and never give up. I know exactly what I want and I will do whatever I it takes to get there.

Famous Quote Friday

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”
Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is one of the most famous Motivational speakers of all time.


Always expect great things for yourself, especially things you are putting so much effort into. You deserve the best. At the same time you need to make sure you know and are ready for anything that could go wrong. Things will go wrong. Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason I believe. Anything that happens to your advantage you really need to take all you can from those opportunities.

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