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First response

I had a blog lined up to post but I had an interesting experience this morning that I would like to share instead.

All of us have probably seen accidents of all severity. Some of us have certainly been in accidents of our own as well. Today I witnessed a bad accident happen right in front of me, after dropping my dad off at the airport. A teen girl with 3 other younger kids in the car for some reason ran a red light going pretty fast through a big intersection. She struck another car with a teen girl in it who was just passing through the green light. I had the music blasting in my car so I heard nothing, but it happened right in front of me so I saw everything. The hit smashed the front end up really bad then they spun round  jackknife style only to hit each other once again. I pulled over to the side of the accident and in one motion I was springing out of the car dialing 911. First intense 911 phone call I have ever made. My worst fear at the moment was someone being injured passed out or worse. Their air bags were all popped and smoky. The cars were smoking and leaking fluid everywhere. By now one other person stopped to help…..just one. I was surprised that no more came. We looked at each other and simultaneously thought we have got to get these people out of their cars. The cars were crinkled bad, it was a moment of super human strength to rip the back door open and last I pulled the driver right out of the window. Everyone seemed unharmed in both cars but the hysteria of this traumatic event has filled their head with shock and tears. Frankly they are very lucky to be ok considering the damages. As the other good samaritan and I were guiding the last of the teens to the side of the street, emergency vehicles were coming from all direction. I must say it was an insanely fast response. All the teens were still crying uncontrollably, understandably though. I let them use my phone to call who ever. They were so shaken up they could not even use the phone. I desperately tried to calm them down.

“Every single one of you guys just walked away from this, the most important things is you guys are all ok. Accidents happen, what is done is done and we are all on the side of the road and safe.” I said something like that, not exact.

The paramedics gave their assessments of the teens and the police asked us what we saw and then we were on our way. It was a quiet ride home for me. You see this kind of stuff in the movies all the time but hardly ever in real life. There is more to the story but I don’t want to over dramatize it. I was so happy that everyone was safe and that I was able to help. Then comes the what-ifs! What if it was worse. What if they were stuck in the car. What if the car exploded etc. If I would have went through that intersection only a couple seconds sooner there would be a different story here because It would have been me that was hit.

Events like these never leave your memory, the accident I was in certainly never will. I can spout out some lessons to be learned hear but I would hope we all already know them. The only thing I would like to add is look both ways when crossing an intersection, even if you have a green light. You are better safe than sorry.­­­­­

Have a great weekend everyone and go out and help someone in need this weekend. You are going to make them and yourself feel good at the same time.

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