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Ingvar Kamprad, Famous Quote Friday

“I’m not afraid of turning 80 and I have lots of things to do. I don’t have time for dying.”

Ingvar Kamprad



I was reading Success magazine and was completely inspired by this man Ingvar Kamprad. At the age of 17 he founded IKEA. The store name was derived from his name and today there are over 300 stores in 44 countries. I am sure almost everyone knows IKEA but did you know it was founded by a young teenager?

This quote really puts his life into perspective. He had lots of things to do when he was 17 and now past 80 he still has the mind set for accomplishment.  There is so much for us to do and discover in this world and just not enough time to do it. There is no time to be lazy in a successful environment. There is no time for dying. Ingvar had many goals in life, I have many goals in life, we all should have many goals in life. We have to write them down and we have to live up to them. The people that make a difference in our world are not sitting around watching tv, they are not playing video games, they are not gossiping over social media, they are not looking at all the negative in our world. Those who wish to make a difference and be successful are seeking out the potential in the world and themselves. They are opening books for inspiration, they are listing goals and achieving them.

The reason I quoted Ingvar is my inspiration just from reading about him. I ask myself what can I do if I put everything I got into the world I live? I am not any famous motivational speaker or positive thinker….yet!. I have the rest of my life to prove every day that I will be. I have my goals to move forward a little at a time I achieve them and just make new ones. I came from a darker past where all I wanted to do was die. Today I literally have no time for dying. There is too much to learn to much to discover and  to many people that need inspiration (including myself).

Life is full of great things. No matter if you are 17, 33, or 80 give your life purpose.  There are lots of things to do and lots of things to discover. You owe it to yourself to find everything you can.

Have a great weekend and week ahead.  Next week I will not be posting, I will be out of town for the holidays. Please, please, please share my blog with your friends.  Thank you so much.

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