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November Quotes by Marc Meyer

This is a blog were I keep all of my quotes. Check out any you may have missed from November, or father back if you wish. Thank you very much

Just Another Quote (upwithmarc)

I have been writing quotes every Monday through Thursday and post them on Facebook and Twitter. If you miss any they are ALL right here! Check out the ones from last months here and even farther back in the rest of this blog.

“Believe in everything you choose to try in life, and be more confident in yourself. Only then will you be able to  live a positive life.”

“Bring your thoughts to reality, you really have nothing to lose by trying everything.”

“The more you love yourself the more loving people you will meet.”

“There are things in your past that you may regret, but today your life can be better. Just  be grateful for what you have learned instead of dwelling on what you may have missed.”

“Even when the world may seem to fall apart around me I will never stop trying my best.”

“Close your…

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