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Just now, I completed 7 seasons, 178 episodes of Star Trek Next Generation. I must take a break before I continue forward with the Star Trek series. What to do, what to do? I intend to begin learning everything I can to bring https://upwithmarc.com/ into the world of podcasting with the new equipment and software I have purchased. As an added bonus German speaking software is on its way to me now!

Can I bring UP With Marc, podcasting, and a new world of different languages together to share all of the worlds positivism in one place? Can I bring all I have learned and will learn in front of the podium of the world as a motivational speaker? Sounds big, sounds like some great goals to work for! Sounds like YOU need to stick around not only to see how far I can go but I will need all of your help and support to get me there.

Right now the path to discovery is slow and hard. I will continue to be grateful for everyone’s support as we all take the journey to a more positive place UP With Marc.

So Grateful, I love all of you, and thank you!





GOOOOOOOOD MORNING or Afternoon or evening! I am so happy my blog is reaching all over the world. 46 countries and counting. I am increasing my following with my blog so I am making a new Up With Marc Facebook page to go along with it. Please do me a grand favor and “LIKE” my new page and share it with your friends. It will be an avenue for myself and others to share even more positive things.


If you have a Facebook page or Twitter page you would like me to follow I would gladly do so. I LOVE finding new positive and inspiring things.  Just link me to your page!

Forever Grateful,
Marc Bopes Meyer


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