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Thomas Edison, Famous Quote Friday


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

So many people perceive failure as a bad thing. Failure makes us stronger. Failure makes us smarter. You cannot succeed without failing. You can fail 10,000 times and still succeed. If there was no failure success would not exist.

Thomas Edison’s quote is about not giving up. He did not acquire his success and fame by giving up. He was determined with his inventions. Everything he tried that did not work only brought him closer to success.  It is all about attitude. Are you ready to go out there in the world and fail? Are you ready to pull in more success than ever before? Then be ready to fail.

Seriously it’s just that simple, more failures equals more success! Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t be afraid to learn. Instead be prepared to learn all you can out of each failure in your life.

You are not going to fail on purpose you are going fail from trying…trying your best. What are you going to learn today? How will you fail? Take risks and step out of your comfort zone today and tomorrow will be your success.

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Be Prepared

My mind is off topic right now. I mean I am still stirring around all kinds of positives but  I am preparing myself physically and mentally for what is to come of my life. I could write about exactly what I am feeling but that might run a little long. Have you ever felt fear and excitement at the same time?  I am at the edges of a great new life right now and the time seems to move so slowly the closer I get to the conclusion. If you do not already know I am pushing for a shipboard job on a cruise ship. I am so prepared its crazy. I have done so much research; I have read so many good and bad things about cruise ships and working life on them as well. I have been preparing myself to leave Illinois. Next week I will not be posting, I will be on an interview putting all of my efforts to the test. WHEN I am hired I will not be posting much at all but I will write of my new journey when I can. My new career choice will require a lot of my time, but when I can write I will. Up With Marc may turn into a journal of my travels, I guess we will wait and see. In a way this blog is already a journal of my travels, through life. Stepping into new things and changing your life around can be scary. I would be lying if I said I was not scared. I have realistic fears that actually strengthen my attitude. Life has brought me here and I am not going to step down from where I am meant to be. I am prepared for this interview, I am prepared to start the job, I am prepared to move away from home. I am prepared to leave all who I know here and meet more amazing people. I have a feeling that life is going to go speed up and by fast very soon. I have a feeling I will love what I am doing and I will dive into a whole new set of challenges. It is no matter because I am PREPARED!


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Picture Quote Monday (Change)


“You cannot change what happened but you can change what will happen next.”

-Marc Meyer


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Famous Quote Friday (Jeff Goins)

Today is not really a quote. I just wanted to share an excerpt from this book I am almost finished with.  This book is so amazing, I keep going back and rereading part before I am even finished with the whole book.  “Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life,” By Jeff Goins. What I want to share with you is part, what his friend says and part what he himself says.

“Here is what Kari told her: ‘You will feel lonely, you will feel sad, you will feel frustrated, you will get angry….We can stand with you, but we can’t keep it from happening.’ The truth is this is not about what you feel. Everybody feels something. What lasts is what you do-after the shock wears off, after the feelings fade. You need to step in the pain, move through the fear, and do something that matters.”

I read this over and over again just to find the precise meaning, to feel how it relates to me and to try to describe what this message means. It is so powerful right now. Do you every read something that blows your mind? Search past that feeling that’s where I am at with this. We are all going to have troubles in our lives so you just need to suck it up and take each one in. You can have a support group of friends and family to be there for you for a shoulder to cry on or someone to complain too or you can have people that are going to tell it like it is, and they are also going to let you know how they feel. I have certainly needed both groups in my days, and recently for sure. I absolutely love getting help and input from others and I love helping other as well.

What are you afraid of? If you are holding yourself back by fear you are truly depriving yourself of things that matter most. Who cares what the TV or the internet tell you to do. Heck, forget all that I have said to do if it does not matter to you, but if you ignore and hide from your fears you are depriving yourself from what matters. Challenging your fears you are answering your “what ifs,” you are discovering your dreams or your passions.  We will all have challenges, it’s how you push through them that matters most.

I have had the idea of working on a cruise ship for over a year. I have been working towards it little by little. Right now I am so close I can taste it. I am giving up a lot to take this venture but it is worth it, the idea will not leave my head till I make it happen. I am less than 2 weeks away from finding out where all my efforts have brought me. The days draw slower and slower the closer I get. The money gets tighter and tighter, the hurdles and hoops and speed bumps in my way are on full blast, so it seems. The fear rises every day. A friend asked me if I was afraid, afraid of being able to get the job and be successful. YES I am. I have come out of my life getting turned upside down  and here I am doing it again, but the difference is this is on my terms. Challenge accepted! I am moving thru all my fears and I will do many things that matter.

If you are lost in life, if you need a change in your life, if you want to do more in your life I strongly recommend this book. “Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life,” By Jeff Goins. You have highlighted passages in books before, right? I wanted to do that with this one but I think every page would be completely yellow if I did that!

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Deliver WOW!

I learned some great advice reading from Success Magazine about Tony Hsieh who is the CEO of Zappos, and author of “Delivering Happiness.” He is an entrepreneur that really values his employees and the community. In the January issue of Success magazine he speaks of his passion for customer service and how he got where he is today, . His main point and core value to his business is delivering WOW through customer service. Most companies promise to simply satisfy your needs. This was not enough for Tony, he wanted to WOW them with superb customer service, and he certainly still is.

Take this idea of wowing people and apply it to our own lives. Do we want to go after something with satisfactory efforts or wow efforts? Think about your goals, think about how you are going to reach them. Wow yourself by going after the seemingly impossible. Wow yourself and others by standing out in your accomplishments. The only time something is impossible is when you tell yourself it is. Leave the customers and people you encounter at work or anywhere, with a great respect for coming back to you again; leave your friends and family impressed with who you are; wow yourself. Release your true self. Let the wow out of you to show yourself what you’re made of. Build that confidence, build on your goals, and leave behind nothing but an amazing story of how you got where you are today.

We always say we should not worry about impressing others, but I think we should, as long as it is in a positive direction. Impressing others is easy because it starts with impressing ourselves, wowing ourselves. Staying true to who we really are and reaching for what we are truly meant to do is going to have a very positive influence on others. So you see, impressing others is really easy because you are simply impressing yourself first.

See how you can wow yourself, see how you can wow others. See if you can make a difference with yourself or others, or both. Step out of your comfort zone while remaining true to yourself and wow the world.

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Picture Quote Monday (Reach)

reach for

“Picture where you want to be in life and reach for it every day.”
-Marc Meyer


Thomas Carlyle, Famous Quote Friday


“A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

– Thomas Carlyle

This Scottish Philosopher really spells out the importance of goals in our lives. If we don’t have goals our life goes nowhere. Goals give our life direction, just as a ships rudder guides it through the sea.

A ship without a rudder would just float aimlessly through the waters. No idea where it was going and what it will encounter. There is no telling, with the lack of direction, if the boat will sink or stay afloat. Relate all that to your life. Without any goals you will go nowhere in life. Without goals I would not be anywhere close to where I am in life: I would not be an Eagle Scout, I would not be changing careers, I would not have so many good people in my life, I would not have experienced as much as I have so far, I would not have hope to continue to experience more and I would not have the very positive attitude that writes this blog. Positivism is the rudder for my blog, so far it has taken me farther than I have ever been before.

Find goals in your life, find direction in your life, give your life meaning. The only difference between you and a ship is someone else uses that rudder to guide it, YOU control your own rudder, YOU decide where you life is going.

A couple other links about goals

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No matter what your past is, drop it. Yes hold on to the good memories for sure, I am talking about dropping your troubles, your failures and your negative attitude. Think about right now! Where is your life headed today?

Stand tall among the challenges. Eliminate surprise by expecting to fail, but from failure expect success. Learn all you can from your mistakes. Work to your wits end for success. Place no blame on others, you control your future. Ask questions until you are left with pure knowledge. Try again, push forward and break thru. Strike a fire of determination upon your goals.

Get what you want out of life by determination. Don’t sit back and wait for life to happen, begin to create yours now.  It is not a matter of what you deserve it is a matter of what you have earned in your life. Don’t put all your pride in an open hand. Pry open the fist of challenge and take leaps never attempted, only then can you feel the adrenaline of pure determination.

NEVER GIVE UP. Never give up on your dreams. Do everything you can to make them come true. It is in your level of determination that you will get out of life what you deserve.

You choose your path, and attitude in life. If you sit on the couch watching reality shows all day it is safe to say your life is going nowhere. You accept the minimum with very little effort; your life is going nowhere. You blame others for the negatives you encounter; your life is going nowhere. Get up and try or learn something new every day. Reach for the maximum potential in your life; push your boundaries of success. Take responsibility for your actions and what you are reaching in life.

Stop talking about how you want your life to be and what you deserve and start taking action and be grateful for want you have earned in life. Go out there and get what you want out of life NOW!

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Picture Quote Monday (Starting)



“Maybe starting is just the push you need to achieve what you want out of life.”
– Marc Meyer


Eleanor Roosevelt, Famous Quote Friday


“Do what you feel in your heart to be right–for you’ll be criticized anyway.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

 We grow up with people who teach us right and wrong. When we get older we get to decide right and wrong for ourselves. The older we get the more most of us struggle with changes or new things, most of the time we are forced into the changes. Ultimately if you have an idea in your head or your heart, don’t keep it there. Let it out, explore it, share it, DO IT!

No matter how right or wrong you are there will always be people to love what you are doing and people who oppose. Even when you are doing the right thing you will be criticized for how you are doing it. We live in a world where people are quicker to tell you what you are doing wrong then to see what you are doing right. I fall victim to this too. In my aggressive attempt to be positive it is ironic that I will see the little bit of negative among the positive and focus on that. I am making every effort to change that, as to how, perhaps that will have to be in another blog post. But, you know what? We all see everything different from everyone else. This is what makes us original this is what makes us human. We can choose to see negative or we can choose to see positive. We can choose to be negative or choose to be positive. We can choose to respond negatively or choose to respond positively. So I say if your heart says go for it, you should go for it with every bit of effort you have. With determination you are going to learn to plow thru those negative critiques and recognize the ones that may actually be helpful. Take your path, listen to those that agree and support you, let it feed your heart and make it stronger to also listen to those that don’t really care and oppose you. Just remember let your heart be your final decision not your head.

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