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More Than A Scout Leader

To a man that worked hard. To a man that never shied away from a challenge. To a man that never gave up. To a man determined to help others. To a man to have helped me. To a fellow Scout Leader and friend; Bruce Johnson, you will be missed.  Bruce Johnson passed away from a stroke a few days ago. It was a complete surprise to me. I was about to call him and tell him of my recent successes. I was with him for a large majority of my Scouting life. He knew about my blog, he knew I wanted to work on a cruise ship and he knew where my life was headed. He was the person to introduce me to my very first motivational speaker, Conner Cunneen. Bruce stands very tall in my heart for many reasons and I am sure he stood in the hearts of many others. I will tell you were I am today Bruce, and tomorrow and thereafter you will be missed.

People come in and out of our lives, all the time. With as short as our lives are in the grand time line of our universe we certainly should be making the best of the time when we meet new people or are with those we care about. Those that care about you are very obvious because they show it. Each person on this planet can inspire you and vise versa, you can inspire them in some way or another. When you do meet someone that really inspires you, that really changes your life, make sure you hold on to that person with all your heart because out of nowhere they can disappear from your life at no choice to you. Be grateful for their existence and be grateful for their help.  Be grateful for their love and friendship.

In Memory of Bruce Johnson, a Scout leader, a friend and an inspiration.


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