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Deliver WOW!

I learned some great advice reading from Success Magazine about Tony Hsieh who is the CEO of Zappos, and author of “Delivering Happiness.” He is an entrepreneur that really values his employees and the community. In the January issue of Success magazine he speaks of his passion for customer service and how he got where he is today, . His main point and core value to his business is delivering WOW through customer service. Most companies promise to simply satisfy your needs. This was not enough for Tony, he wanted to WOW them with superb customer service, and he certainly still is.

Take this idea of wowing people and apply it to our own lives. Do we want to go after something with satisfactory efforts or wow efforts? Think about your goals, think about how you are going to reach them. Wow yourself by going after the seemingly impossible. Wow yourself and others by standing out in your accomplishments. The only time something is impossible is when you tell yourself it is. Leave the customers and people you encounter at work or anywhere, with a great respect for coming back to you again; leave your friends and family impressed with who you are; wow yourself. Release your true self. Let the wow out of you to show yourself what you’re made of. Build that confidence, build on your goals, and leave behind nothing but an amazing story of how you got where you are today.

We always say we should not worry about impressing others, but I think we should, as long as it is in a positive direction. Impressing others is easy because it starts with impressing ourselves, wowing ourselves. Staying true to who we really are and reaching for what we are truly meant to do is going to have a very positive influence on others. So you see, impressing others is really easy because you are simply impressing yourself first.

See how you can wow yourself, see how you can wow others. See if you can make a difference with yourself or others, or both. Step out of your comfort zone while remaining true to yourself and wow the world.

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