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Be Prepared

My mind is off topic right now. I mean I am still stirring around all kinds of positives but  I am preparing myself physically and mentally for what is to come of my life. I could write about exactly what I am feeling but that might run a little long. Have you ever felt fear and excitement at the same time?  I am at the edges of a great new life right now and the time seems to move so slowly the closer I get to the conclusion. If you do not already know I am pushing for a shipboard job on a cruise ship. I am so prepared its crazy. I have done so much research; I have read so many good and bad things about cruise ships and working life on them as well. I have been preparing myself to leave Illinois. Next week I will not be posting, I will be on an interview putting all of my efforts to the test. WHEN I am hired I will not be posting much at all but I will write of my new journey when I can. My new career choice will require a lot of my time, but when I can write I will. Up With Marc may turn into a journal of my travels, I guess we will wait and see. In a way this blog is already a journal of my travels, through life. Stepping into new things and changing your life around can be scary. I would be lying if I said I was not scared. I have realistic fears that actually strengthen my attitude. Life has brought me here and I am not going to step down from where I am meant to be. I am prepared for this interview, I am prepared to start the job, I am prepared to move away from home. I am prepared to leave all who I know here and meet more amazing people. I have a feeling that life is going to go speed up and by fast very soon. I have a feeling I will love what I am doing and I will dive into a whole new set of challenges. It is no matter because I am PREPARED!


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