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Famous Quote Friday (Greg Scott)

“If you’re smiling so hard you think you look ridiculous, you’re doing it right.”

Greg Scott

Greg may not be famous but I guarantee he knows people all over the world. He is a recruiter from Starboard, the company that hired me on. I do not know if this is his quote or not but I heard it come out of his mouth! It is so true, the bigger you smile the more ridiculous you feel, but the results you get in return are something you have never seen before.

Today I don’t really want to tell you a million ways why smiling is awesome, I really want you to see for yourself:

– First I want you to walk around and look at everyone else, How many people do you see smiling. Sadly not many, even if you are on vacation.

– Now walk around with a smile on your face and make eye contact with people and see how many others you can get to smile back. It is going be almost everyone!

– Go to a mirror and smile as big as possible, you look and feel ridiculous right? Challenge yourself to go out in public looking “ridiculous” with your smile! People are going to start talking to you, people are goong to start watching you and wondering why you are so happy. You are giving out so much positive with that bigger smile and it all starts coming right back to  you. I can prove this every time.

-Try smiling all day. Keep it on your mind and catch yourself every time it goes away. Your going to have fun and when you are around more people you are going to get more positive feedback.

Everyone’s smile is beautiful. When you smile you are giving everyone a fast pass to your heart. Smile so big it hurts. Move past being self conscious and just do it. I have 2 big chips in my front teeth and I have had them sense 4-5 grade. When I smile big those show big time, but I don’t care anymore. When I smile really big it gets the right kind of attention anyone would look for. You would not believe how many greetings I receive just by smiling at people. I am not afraid to smile at anyone. Smile at couples, kids, elderly, others on the road, people from across the room or just anyone. It gets to a point were it is fun and you forget your smiling. I am sure there are lengthy books out there on the power of smiling but right here in a short post you have everything you need. JUST SMILE your way thru life and watch it transform.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. How many people can you get to smile, how many peoples heart will you see today? Will it be just your sweetheart or will it be everyone?

Love my blog and love my Facebook.

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