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Name That Sound

Now, what is the most beautiful sound you could ever hear?

This has a wide rang of answers: Flowing water through a stream, the wind blowing thru the trees, a new-born babies cry for the first time, or maybe your significant others delicate breath as they fall asleep in your arms. There are so many beautiful sounds and they are all right answers…..until now!

The most beautiful  sound is actually hearing YOUR NAME !

Yes think about all the times you were excited to hear your name. As a child your parents call you to dinner. As a teen your friends are screaming for you across the halls at school. As an adult you can hear your name rattle through a room from people talking about something amazing you have done. At the doctor, Marc come on in! How many times have you been addressed by name at your job? Are you in a customer service job? Do you have a name tag? How many people have addressed you or thanked you by name? Don’t you feel a little bit better afterwards, more then before? When your significant other calls for you, when they add your name in there don’t you just melt a little?

With the same idea that we love hearing our name, when you call other people by name, you should know already how excited you get, imagine what it does for others. When you talk to people look for a name tag and use it. What is the reaction you get? A smile at the very least. Even when you walk away turn back over your shoulder and I guarantee you are going to see a bigger smile then there was before. If there is no name tag or if you are just casually talking to people, introduce yourself. Typically you can slip the name in at the beginning and end of a conversation but try to appropriately use their name throughout longer conversations. I will tell you, not only do you get a heightened sense of happiness from hearing your name, and others do too, but it is really exciting when you can feel other peoples emotions from using their name.

Our names means that we are someone, and someone special. It adds a great level of affection to our lives. It’s a security of wonder if they are really talking to you and about you. It is the greatest and easiest repetitive bliss. The same idea floods over to nicknames and married names too.

Now I know for some people it takes a lot to memorize people’s name, but that is alright. The more you use someones name the easier it is to remember. So everyone you talk to today address and speak to them by name! New, stranger, anyone. If you don’t see their name ask for it. Light up a few lives today while comforting your own as well.

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