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Should Buts!

A lot of people these days have should buts. Looming in the rear, they really stick out sometimes. You don’t even realize how much your should but is slowing you down either. When you are walking around in public people notice your should but, and are turned off by it. You have trouble getting in the door, you have trouble attracting that good relationship, and your should but is certainly connected with your eating habits.  Climbing a mountain, getting on a plane to travel, starting a new job, popping the marriage question; all things you can forget about doing unless you take care of your should but first.

Now lets take our mind off our beautiful rear ends and back on track. What I am talking about is your words and your attitude. How many times have you said you wanted to do something and it still has not happened? How many things in your life do you think you SHOULD be doing BUT you are making excuses for why you are not? You should quit smoking but, you should ask that girl out but, you should eat healthier but,you should get your foot in the door at a new job but. If I keep going with that list we are all going to be depressed.

Think about your list of thing you should do but have not yet. What has been lingering on for a long time? Why have you been where you are? The great fix is to just build up your confidence, and your level of risk taking, then just make it happen. The first approach to this is eliminating the word “should” from your vocabulary. Turn your should into what you WILL do. That alone is going to change your mindset and put you closer to your goals. You will quit smoking, you will ask her out, you will get into that job, you will start eating less and eating better. By doing so, you are mentally putting yourself there now, instead of wondering and waiting.

Use your WILL-power and leave that “should but” behind you. You can do anything you put your mind to and this is a great start by changing your vocabulary. There are plenty of other negative and unmotivating words, when you start recognizing this one word “should” you will discover many other words that are getting you no where that you are telling yourself everyday. Find those negative words in your vocabulary and eliminate them.

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