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It Is Worth Doing

I am sure some of you have noticed I have not posted in about a week. I am stepping into a new part of my life and I have been making sure everything is in order for the changes. The first part of this blog will just be info. If you care to read on, the second part is some random stories.

For over a year now (as I was reminded) I wanted to work on a cruise ship. With my determination and the efforts of many I have come to the starting point of a dream come true, Saturday March 22nd. I have been assigned to Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship, Jewel of the Seas. This ship tours the Southern Caribbean right now out of Puerto Rico. I will Be flying to Puerto Rico Friday March 21st. I will have limited access to the internet and almost non to my phone. If you wish to keep in touch with me PLEASE email me anytime and be patient with a response. I will have a mailing address to which I will share with you when I can.

 This new venture will affect this blog. Regular postings at this time will be put on pause. With limited access to the internet, working, exploring new places and meeting new people, it will be tough to post. I will not fully disappear I will write and post when I can. This blog is all about positivism but it may turn into a travel blog, which certainly can be a very positive experience in itself.


I went to a movie for the first time by myself. The theater was empty, the movie was good and the experience was not bad at all. I waited so long to build up the courage to go to a movie by myself and hear I stand an Eagle Scout, a designer, a writer, a baker. Working a cruise ship is going to change my life and I step into that adventure now. It is weird how much I have a accomplished and how much I value my independence, and here I sit in an empty theater nervous.


We carry many emotions, ones we love and ones we don’t. This path to ship board employment has been a roller coaster of all of them. I was very excited the closer I got in my search. The closer I got even more I wave of seriousness came across me. This is going to be a lot of hard work and completely new. I should be running around ridiculously excited, but all I can think about is being prepared to succeed in all that will happen. At one point I even let the looming feelings of frustration get the best of me and was corrected by a very understanding recruiter.


I was watching a preseason Chicago Fire Soccer video and that is when I realized more emotions.  I stopped that video about half way through I could not watch it any longer. As a 6 year season ticket holder the new things coming to the 2014 season were exciting and breaking my heart. The genuine “I will miss you” from those most important to me is breaking my heart. Stepping away from Scouting is breaking my heart. You cannot see it though as the excitement of what is to come of my new life is upon me. My life right at this very moment symbolizes my whole life among all the joy there are challenges, among all the challenges there is joy. I have a balanced wealth of emotion. I tear up as I write this but I know when I reread it I will be proud.


There is a new Marc transforming. This is one of the biggest things I have ever tried and I am confident that it will provide much success for my future. I know I have said this in the past, and I know those that follow me regularly know this; My blog has been a reflection of current events a reflection of my life and my transformation into positivism. I am not a naturally positive person but I am becoming one. I have many challenges and some of them are reflected positively in this blog. Sometimes you have to embrace the good side of things to understand and accept the bad things. I am reminded of a quote I posted a while back:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly–until you can learn to do it well.”

– Zig Ziglar

This positive lifestyle is worth doing, This new cruise ship job is worth doing, and I will be awesome at both! Sharing with you this positivism and all the new things I discover in life, IS WORTH DOING!

Stay in touch PLEASE!


Famous Quote Friday (Diana Nyad)

“Everyday of our lives is epic.”

Diana Nyad

What are you doing today? What will you see today? what will you say today? Every single day of our lives is brand new. We can choose to waste it with a bad attitude and dramatic negative news from around the world or we can grab everything good from the day and make it epic. When you don’t feel amazing each day that is up to you. We all fall under unfortunate circumstances but going into those issues with the right attitude is what can make your crumby day epic. Choose to inspire yourself and others everyday. Choose to reach for that goal until you achieve it. Search from within. Go after the impossible. Someone said it could not be done, where is the harm to continue to try it? Your life is not over until you take your last breath and until that day if you don’t set out to make every breath of your life epic, you are missing out on life. Turn what may not be into what will be.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch this video of Diana Nyad.

The very title of this video is another quote in itself, “Never, ever give up.”*Diana shows so much gratitude with her accomplishment. Some of her last words in the video were “I didn’t do it, we did it.”*  It was a team of people that accomplished this amazing swim not just her alone. When we work together we can accomplish great things, any of us can, “Find a way.”* In just 15 minutes Diana has inspired me so much more then an other video I have seen.

Have an epic day. Follow my blog and like my Facebook for an even more positive world.

*More Diana Nyad quotes

Score A Goal

Your objective in soccer is to score a goal and to get ahead, to win the game. The same goes for your life; Get ahead, achieve your goal(s), and win at life!

Isn’t that what we all want, to win at life? If you are not ahead and you are not winning, you need to find the motivation to get back in the game. All my life I would refer to parts of it as not a game. Today I say everything is a game. Everyone one you meet is part of your winning team for the game. Everything you learn is part of the strategy to your next move. Every goal you achieve you put yourself ahead to winning the game.

Let me turn that around for a minute. If you do not set and make goals in your life you will never get ahead, you will never win. I mean written down, daily viewed by you, goals to reach for everyday. If you don’t have or meet your goals you start losing the game. If you are not learning new things and trying new strategies you are just walking aimlessly through your life. Then you hold yourself back and you are meeting less and less people. This is the way to lose your game, to lose your life.

In a Soccer game they workout, they train, they mix with new players, they work on new strategies, and all for the one moment under the lights to join their team and make the goal and win the game.  In life you need to put your efforts in, you need to network with other people. When one way does not work don’t  back down, keep pushing forward and find another way. Know your goals and always reach for them with all the help you can get.

Life is like a game because you need a team, you can’t do it alone. Imagine you are  on one side of the soccer field by yourself and the other team has 11 players. What are your chance of getting the ball, and getting past 11 players to score a goal? NONE. Same goes in life. Find people to help you blaze your trail and support your efforts. Find people that know people that are where you want to be in life and connect with them constantly. Let people help you find your way through life’s field. When you finally see your goals keep shooting, and never stop till you score. When you do score celebrate and start setting up for your next goal.

Life is a game but you need to make sure you are in the right one. That is were it gets tough if you get in the wrong game you are playing on the wrong field going the wrong direction. There is no winning combination there. It is like a soccer team showing up to an empty stadium because they are at the wrong field. You can’t win if you are not showing up in the right places.

Your family is a game, your friendships are a game, your relationship is a game, your job is a game, everything is a game. The problem we all have is when your playing a game all the team members need to be on the same team working together. If you don’t love the game your playing in any part of your life what is stopping you from finding a new team?

“Put your cleats on, get out in your life and score some goals.”

Your goal today is not to follow my BLOG and like my FACEBOOK, but to share my BLOG and my FACEBOOK with your friends. Be part of my team, in a game were we can help each other though anything to stay positive.

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