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Wake UP!

From your laying slumber you arise to sit on your bed with your head above the clouds. No time to concern yourself with reality you see everything in life you are reaching for. It is all up here. In every direction you see so many things you want from your life. Which one do you go after first? No need for shoes as you walk toward the closest one to you on the pillow like clouds. This will hold you over for a farther goal in life you have been reaching for. The beauty up here is as clear as the mirrored reflection of yourself you see every morning, but instead of seeing your face you are seeing every amazing thought that is in your head right now. You have seized this day of glory in the clouds, a vision of perfection in your life. You feel accomplished, and darkness rolls past as it is time to go to sleep once again.

You awake to a blaring alarm clock; it is 5am and time to get ready for work. You have a presentation due that decides the future of your company. You left your clothes in the dryer and you are late. You are forced to attire yourself with the wrinkled cold pants and shirts from the dryer. Made it on time for your presentation and you knock it out of the park. Lunch time comes around and you realize you have no lunch or no cash. Home for dinner your wife is late from work and you both decide to order a pizza. You take down your first class pizza like it was the last one ever made because you did not have lunch. You retire to the couch with your wife to watch some pointless reality show that you know is staged but here you sit like a crack addict waiting for his next razor blade fix. You fall asleep on the couch and your wife lets you just stay there, as it has been a very rough day for both of you.

You awaken at noon. You arrive at the conclusion that you have nowhere to be. You look around the room filled with the sound of infomercials and all you see is empty budget pizza boxes, beer cans and your weed pipes all over the apartment. You get up to go to the bathroom and step into a deconstructed slice of pizza your dog left on the carpet last night. You slip and fall hit your head on the table but there is no one in this one bedroom bachelor pad to help you up. What to do today: maybe look for a job, maybe go food shopping, or maybe just watch reruns of Rosanne on TV all day. Your day of nothing crawls by but somehow it is now midnight and you make it to your bed to fall asleep.

You open your eyes and next to you is the Girl you loved all your life but she never paid any attention to you. She has no idea you exist in this world anymore. Your ghost has taken its place of residence where you wish you could have been all your life. She awakens and you try talking to her and grabbing her but nothing gets through. Your tears fall like humidity that has never reach 100%. She can feel the moisture but turns down the air till you no longer exist once again.

Awake as a full bodied adult in a new world you are completely confused. You take to the bathroom mirror. You splash water on your face and your reflection turns into a pillow cloud of dreams. Full of life’s challenges, with a full heart you proceed to chase what you have envisioned in the mirror when you look at who you are. Every day you wake up in the morning go to the mirror determined to see yourself and find out where you belong. Some nights you sleep peacefully some night your tears put you to sleep, but every time you awake you are better then you were the day before. You take notice to keep going, you take notice that every day you get closer to that silhouette in the mirror that needs an identity.

Perfection does not wake up in the morning and start going your way. You have to decide that. You have to decide what you want out of life, and you are the only one to blame if you don’t go after it. You think that life is easy? Think again, your life is easy because you are not doing anything with it. Same on the reverse side you think your life is hard but you are still not doing anything with it. Wake up in the morning with a smile, go to bed with a smile, and live each day as a mission to find out why the heck you belong in this world. Is it where you are now…are you sure? Take the path less traveled and I guarantee you will find things about yourself you never knew before. You make your own definition of perfection, are you going after all of it, or have you settled? Life is a mystery to be solved, one day at a time. What are you going to wake up for tomorrow morning?

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