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So now I would like to introduce to you baking with Ultra Positivism (UP)!

HA! I am not actually making baked goods but that is not beside my abilities. Perhaps someday the UPwithmarc snack cakes will be on shelves at a grocery store near you.

What I would like to bring to your attention is “sugarcoating,” to cover with sugar or to make something appear more pleasant then it is. This is a technique to lighten things in our lives that may not seem so good.

As a child sugarcoating is perhaps something of good use but as an adult sugarcoating is just not useful. We live in a life with real difficulties, real challenges, real negatives, and sugarcoating merely puts a temporary fix on the issue instead of just fixing it immediately. To these issues in life I say “be the sugar”. Live a real sweet life by rising above the challenges and let yourself be the sweet crystalline in your life.

Reality can be harsh sometimes but when you hear or see something negative take it with a grain of salt, and let the positivism in you be the sugar to Flour (flower) a more realistic and amazing world. There is sugar to be found everywhere in life but you have to be sweet enough to find it.

Don’t sugarcoat, instead be the sweet sugar that coats a life of positivism.

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