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Variety Friday (Purpose)


How is that for a New Year resolution? Put more meaning in your life for 2015. What a great statement! I have created so much more of a meaningful life in 2014 but I already know that 2015 is going to be even better! I will be grateful for every new adventure that comes my way as my Ultra Positivism grows even stronger every single day.

I am on a quest to love everything in life but more importantly I am growing purpose in my life! It is a journey with many challenges but also endless roads of reward. Finding your way means stepping away from something good for something better. Finding your purpose in life provides no guaranteed results. You will meet people who don’t understand, you will crash into people who oppose you, but in time you will meet those that share the same views in everything you believe in. FIND THOSE PEOPLE.

What are you meant to do? What are you meant to be? I know who I am, who I want to be, and where my future is headed and I can thank 2014 for that as well as show gratitude for all those who have been a part of it! Reaching for what I am meant for in this life every day gets easier all the time! Each person I meet, each challenge I face, each thought that comes to writing, each goal I meet, each step forward, and each breath I take gives me the positive energy to find my purpose. I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

You are in charge of putting meaning into your life you can either sit around in your routine or you can get your butt up and make some memories on the journey of purpose in your life.

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