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Variety Friday (things we forget)



I am always searching the internet for positive and creative things. I found this a little while ago. It caught my eye because of the circle diagram. We all remember those right? This diagram and quote speaks to me because I believe that making a difference is more important then making a living but you do have to make a living and work in this world. It shows that you can make a difference in this world and make a living and somewhere in the middle of all that is when you find your true self. Are you making a difference, are you making a living, or are you transforming who you are to do both?

UPwithMarch I will be expressing 31 days of Gratitude. I will be posting one thing I am grateful for everyday on my Facebook Page. Be sure and check it out each day and I encourage you to follow my page, share it with your friends and write what you are grateful for in the comments below each day. You don’t have to comment everyday but pick a day or days you wish to contribute by telling the world what you are grateful for. My blog posting will continue as normal but each post will also be about Gratitude.

I would be most grateful for your contributions. It only takes a few seconds to write but the feeling you give yourself from sharing will last much longer!

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