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Parent Gratitude

Almost a whole month has gone by and I could not be more grateful for the results I have seen from “31 days of Gratitude.” This is my last Wednesday post for the month of March and I am sure you all have heard the phrase, “save the best for last”!

Aside from the basics of what you need to survive what are you most grateful for? The top of my list would be my Mother and Father. I asked them last month what gratitude meant to them:

“To me gratitude is a feeling of satisfaction and contempt with my being, place in life, current and past circumstances.”

“For me gratitude is being content and thankful with having enough to make one self happy. When I have more than enough, I hope I deserve it.”

They certainly carry almost identical definitions. I guess I know where I get my sense of gratitude, and for that I am grateful. Sure sure, they raised me, and brought me through life’s basic manners, but as an adult their meaning grows stronger now that I can maturely appreciate them more. I am so grateful for their calm support of everything happening in my life. One change after another and they are right there to see it happen. So many times I have lost my cool with them, broke down in tears in from of them, and emailed them about not so happy times. So many times have they stood by me one challenge to the next. Never once did they say no, never once did they hold me back, never once did they stop me from straight up making big life learning mistakes. They don’t baby their youngest son instead they are letting me live. They trust and know that even if I am twirling through life’s tornado that I am going to land on my feet and keep walking forward when it’s all over. I am grateful for everything they have taught me in life. I am grateful for everything they let me learn on my own. I am grateful for their advice and I am grateful to just have them listen. They don’t agree with some things I have done, or darn right just think I am weird, but they raised me, they know me and they trust my choices.

My life’s path is unique and super challenging but I am grateful that my mom and dad are there whenever I need them. You are never too old to get advice from your parents. You are never too old to have them just listen. They are not going to be around forever so I make sure they still remember from time to time that I am grateful for everything they have done to help me in my life.

DAY 25: I am grateful for my parents.



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