I’m no fool this April

March has come to a close and what a month of Gratitude it was. I am so grateful for the results I had on my Facebook, my Blog, and also with myself. I really like the idea of the month long thing and I decided to do another one this month for all of April!

April will be all about positivism in Health. All month I will be talking about and sharing many Ideas on the subject of health for a more UP (ultra positive) life style. I have set up a few goals for myself that I will list below. Perhaps if you would like you can set up your own health goals to carry out all month long. There is no right or wrong goals. This is about your health and your body. Nobody know your body better then you do!

– No sweet, desserts, sugary drinks or sugary snacks all month
– One day a week if I want junk food
– No drinking alcohol (not that I do very much anyways :P)
– 50 miles a week biking, walking, or kayaking
– Set meals every day, eating less
– No eating out at restaurants all month

I start this month at a high 274 lbs. Lets see how much I can lose in one month.

With Easter looming, I quickly bought up some candy and ate it all last night, But that is it until May! Why April, you may be wondering? The only answer I have for you is why not?

I hope that this month challenge will set me up to get back to eating healthier and eating less again. I hope that you may be able to come up with some health challenges for you. I look forward to the new month, the new challenges, and the new people I may cross paths with.

Please share your GOALS, CHALLENGES, and STORIES right here or on my Facebook page, and be sure to share my posts with your friends.


About upwithmarc

A creative mind takes no label. A positive mind sees past that which is easy to find. Find the things you love in life and share them with others. I am an artist. I am a positive thinker. I am on a quest to love everything life gives to me. On the outside I am no different then anyone else but on the inside I feel I have a lot of different things to share. My goal is to find those willing to listen. Those willing to share there thoughts in return. I have a long list of goals in my life, some I have met and all the rest I am getting closer to every day. I want to write a book, I want to be a motivational speaker, I want to own an art gallery, just to name a few.

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  1. My goals for the month of April are:
    1.) Finish another chapter of my novel
    2.) Stop spending so much time online

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  2. Carol (Satkowski) Meyer

    I’m curious. What kind of Easter Candy did you eat?

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  3. Matthew Cinquegrani

    I gave up all sweets for Lent this year. I also started a new job that had an employee gym in the building that I work in. I have been able to set a workout regime of for days a week and some weeks doing doing five! I feel a ton better without the sweets and with the working out. I know drinking has a lot of empty calories, but I didn’t cut that out. I did cut back though. You’ll feel so great!

    On the other side, I can’t wait until Sunday to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg!

    My ongoing goals are doing at least 4 hours on the elliptical each week and to lose weight. I dropped 5 pounds last week alone, so that’s my motivation to keep it going.

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