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You may need to reread my post!

You may need to reread my post!


“P.S. HA! My life is way to awesome to not laugh every time you give up on me and tell me I can’t do it.”

This was a power message. All our life through everything any of us do there will be challenges. You know Adidas’s new campaign? “There will be haters”. They are going to do great because we naturally appeal more to negatives. It is a life change to be fully positive!

I understand what all of you mean, but don’t be compelled to pull out the negatives instead of taking the inspiration from the massage! Negativity is part of our world, I fight it all the time. I fight it to strengthen myself positively.

There was some very important people that doubted me in the past and new people I meet doubt me today. The funny thing is the most recent person that has doubted my goals I simply laughed and said “you don’t know me at all do you”?

This was really a message to say hey don’t let other people talk down your goals in life! No matter what that negativity will be there. Just like our feelings you can not ignore them and think they will go away, you have to deal with them when they happen. I express my gratitude for doubters all the time. Every time I meet one I get stronger. I don’t give up. My life is awesome….. this is some good things from my message if you missed them!

I am sorry that you have misunderstood my message and I know you care about me very much but you have helped me prove a point with your comments about it. People are more likely to respond to something negative then positive. That is the sad truth and getting feed back from people is very difficult if I write something great. But if I write something bad or if I have tons of grammar issues people in general are so quick to point it out. But that is life, people will point out your faults all your life but if you can prove them wrong before they even open there mouth to tell you I think you are doing pretty well. It is not so much proving others wrong it is just personal satisfaction of just saying that you are way ahead of them in life.

I am not trying to put down people that have said something to me, because most of the time people that do comment are the ones that care the most. I wanted to use their care and concern for me as an example of what others will do in a more negative manner.

Mom and Matt, you both are amazing and I understand your concerns but I assure you the only thing I see in my previous post are positives.

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