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You WANT and You WILL!


I have something here you may want to do for yourselves! The First book I am reading for my May reading goals is called “Black Hole Focus”, by Isaiah Hankel. It is a very motivating book about changing your life around to give your life a greater purpose. It is also a very easy read to start my routine of reading regularly. Isaiah has talked about many things so far in the amount that I have read and I want to share one of the things he wants us as readers to do. He wants us to make lists; everything we want to own, everything we want to do and everything we want to be. He wants us to write down “BIG” things not daily to do lists.

I am going to share the lists I made with you and I am going to change one word on it to make the point of these lists even more powerful. I am going to change all of the “wants” to “WILL”. If you make these lists yourself, the idea is to not just have a list in your head or on your computer. Print these lists out and put them somewhere you will see them every day:

MY LISTS (lists in process)

Everything I WILL own:
– A house
– A new car more fitted to my lifestyle now
– A wave runner
– A multipurpose building fit for speakers, weddings, or other social events

Everything I WILL do:
– Go to Alaska for the summer (I had to write it)
– Go to Hawaii, Australia, and India
– Get married, and have a kid(s)
– Motivational speaking at a kids level
– Motivational speaking to scouts
– Motivational speaking to adults
– Speak in front of 10,000+
– Write 2 books (I already have my 2nd one but I need to write the first one. 😉 )
– Learn Spanish and German
– Continue to make a name for myself in the general public

Everything I WILL be:
– A successful motivational speaker
– A leader and example of a more positive lifestyle
– A spiritual energy worker
– A inspirational writer
– An avid traveler
– A successful author
– A geological and archeological surveyor by hobby

I feel inspired already just writing this stuff down. Now I will print it out and leave it places I see every day. This does not have to be a list set in stone. It could change as you change but you need to put your initial goals and dreams on paper and let the motivational process take place. I will also be shrinking down my list to wallet size and carrying them around with me. I just wrote my list on the fly and will make changes to it but I also noticed how small my want list is, and how much bigger my will do list is. I have been swaying away from a materialistic lifestyle and focusing more on achievements! I have also been focusing less on money and more on living life! These are things that Ultra Positivism has already done for me and I feel more and more how a positive personality is building a home in my heart, mind and life!

I love this life and I am grateful for all of it, and I am most grateful for all of the support from all of you readers in helping me get there, and helping me spread the word.

Meme Monday (More Coming)

wave break

When you sit and watch the waves, one after another comes into shore and breaks, but they just keep coming. No matter the size, big or small, they just keep coming. Now apply this to your life. Good things are coming to us all the time. Sometimes these good things may not last as long as you like, but you should always know that there are more good things coming your way. Before the best things in your life break make sure you have gotten the most out of it, before it washes away. With wave after wave of good things you should do nothing but love every part of your life.

On Wednesday I will talk a little bit about one of the books I am reading to fulfill my reading goals for May!

Read More In May


I have been challenging myself with writing. I have been speaking out with a more positive lifestyle. Through my journey I have also been inspired to read more as well. It all connects. You read so that you are inspired to write, you speak what you wrote to inspire others and you network with others for more things to read.

This month for me is all about reading! I will set a goal to read at least 20 pages every night for the month of May! Does not sound like much, but that is good because it is my goal! I encourage you, if you are not an avid reader to set some goals to read more. If you read a lot already, set some goals to read even more. Reading is the start of your inspiration, it feeds your heart and mind with new knowledge and great ideas of your own.

With my no sugar, eat better, exercise more month, at an end, I would say it was a success and I lost 22lbs. The really great part is I got myself into better eating and exercising habits for my future as well. I suspect the weight to be coming off still but not as quickly, now I have some reading to do everyday!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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