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This is not it for me!

I found out today from the doctor that I had something more serious than just cellulitis. All the signs and symptoms pointed to necrotizing fasciitis. It is basically a rapid flesh eating bacteria infection that without care I could have lost my leg or worse. It goes from perfectly healthy to very bad at the snap of the fingers or in my case over night. I just read up on it and everything points right to this. I am most grateful to the medical team on the cruise ship for such quick and continuous care, which stopped the necrotizing fasciitis very quickly and I am happy to only now have to recover from just cellulitis.

I never told anyone this but, those first days were probably the scariest days of my life. I remember as all the pain took over, as I was having trouble breathing and sleepless with 104 temp for 3 days; I was telling myself out load, “this is not if for me”. Im not trying to get people to feel sorry for me and I know people have had it worse but it’s just different when it’s you experiencing it!

I have been progressing so fast with goals in my life. Normally events like this tell people to live it up but I already am living to my potential, and doing everything I want with my life! I look at this event in my life ironically as a time to slow down. My goals in life still remain but I think I can take this life event as a sign to refine and nurture my goals a little more. I will get where I want in life and I don’t need to rush it!

Much Gratitude for all who have supported me this far, and for those that will be there when I keep moving farther ahead. I fell but I am getting back up. UP is the only direction I follow anymore!

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