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Glorious Release

A story. Maybe not a positive story but a real one. Maybe not a sad moment but this man he knows who he is and is grateful for….perhaps his gift. He can suck in anyones grief. He takes it away from them but then it gets stuck inside him. Little by little he releases himself onto others as he, little by little, takes in the negatives. He wonders if his down spells are just the build up of others he has tried to help. Sometimes helping without them even knowing. He does find opportunities to release these griefs, sadness and negativity but sometimes its hard to find. But still he searches because he knows he is meant for good things and he knows what he is capable of no matter how crazy his ways. His intention might be unconventional but his heart is always in the right place. Finding his way is a path that maybe people have never traveled. People understand the simplicity of his actions but can’t always comprehend the complexities of his motivations. If you have the pleasure to sit down and talk with this man you may never hear his own griefs. If he is not helping you I guarantee you are helping him. You must not worry because not everyone can take in emotions like that. Infact some people are so wired with positivism that its like a glorious release. This man will continue his journey of helping others at all times but while he goes he searches deeper into himself. He searches for that positivism with the glorious release. It could be God, the ocean, a person, a dog or even music? Who knows. But one thing is certain this man will not give up. His answers are out there and he will keep looking until he discovers the truth behind all his questions. If you find this man, he will help you as best he can. He is happy to help you again and again, but know that when he leaves he searches to charge up that positive once again.

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