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True/New Happiness.

This quote can be debatable but it depends on how you read it. All to often I have experienced the departure of happiness in the last 7 years alone. Worst break up of my life, getting life threateningly ill during my cruise job, fighting for my own name and future with children against 6 FALSE claims to DCF, and leaving Florida…….just to name a few big ones!

If it was not for my devastating break up, may have never been brought into exsistance, I would have never worked on a cruise ship, I would have never moved to Florida and found my gift of inspiring and connecting so positively with children. I would have never done so much with the last 7 years of my life and meet so many amazing people before fate brought me back home to be reacquainted with family and friends that I have known all and most of my life. All anticipating my arrival back home too!

Was almost dying worth working on a cruise ship twice; discovering Canada, Alaska, and all of the Southern Caribbean? I’m still alive and typing this message right now, so I am going with a HARD YES! That is a term I stole from a good friend in Florida.

I don’t know that I ever talked about this publicly but I think its time. My time under the heat of DCF was scary….but I have built such a glowing reputation with the team of teachers and staff I worked with that every one of those amazing individuals proved every claim wrong that this psycho lady had against me. Instead of stepping back scared I stepped forward gaining more trust from the parents of all these students I was connecting with. Culminating to the ultimate trust of letting me take one of my friends daughters on a final Florida adventure with me before I moved.

Before I moved…..I don’t think my present happiness was gone in Florida but the future of my life goals was seemingly unsuccessful down there and if I wanted to achieve my goals I needed a change. Its a happiness I walked away from to find more happiness to come. Physically I left but like so many other great moments in my life its one of the biggest memories I will NEVER forget.

You can find so much happiness in life no matter how hard it gets or how many negatives weigh you down there are more and more positive to be found. If something in your life turns from happiness to unhappiness it is up to you to change that. More people out there then you think care about you amd are willing to help but you have to forgive, forget and open up to let them! More happiness can be found. I found it and you can too!

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