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The Most Powerful Thing In The World Is?

There is power to be found in this world. Not the power of God, Not the power of Mother Nature, Not the power of crystals, Not the power of our greatest inventions. Nothing can surpass the power of our own minds.

Debate it all you want but with your mind, you have the power to choose to lead your life in Gods hands. You have the power to choose to let Mother nature decide your fate. You have the power of choosing to embrace the energy sources of our planet through crystals. You have the power to invent anything…..that comes to your mind.

We choose negativity in our world. We choose to hate, to hurt or even to kill. We choose to harm ourselves. We choose to blame others. We choose to watch and be entertained by other people misery. We choose to make other people’s lives miserable.

We choose to let depression take over. We choose to let anger in and out. We choose to be like someone we truly are not. We choose to let our mind be taken over by negativity but with that very same mind we can choose to fight back.

We can choose positivity even if it is the hardest thing you have ever done. With your own mind you can change your mind! We can go out and love people for who they are. We can lift people up. We can save lives. We can choose to change ourselves for the better.

It’s our mind, our thoughts, our actions that shape our futures. It takes strength to blame ourselves and a coward to let other minds take the blame for your thoughts.

Our mind is a tool to use and unfortunately abuse. In the last 8 years I have chosen this grand journey of positivism…..so many times have I fallen. So many times have the negatives washed me away from my direction. So many times have I wondered: who I am, why am I here, why is this happening to me, where am I going?

I speak a lot about goals in my life and how important they are, but they are always evolving. The most important thing to remember is, even if your standing still you can choose to let your mind fight forward. In 8 years my life may look like it has gone no where but my mind is the strongest it has ever been. I choose positive and when life is hell I fight because inside my mind says, “you want me to succeed!”

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