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Time to wake up again.

This just came to me! My life is littered with sadness and challenges but I have been strong enough to stick through it, to keep going and to never give up. I have done little to nothing new with this blog and motivation speaking… it my future? Time will tell. I sit here out of reach from the one thing that can not just be achieved in this world. I mentally and physically beat myself down day after day deep down inside. Helping others is like the blood that keeps me alive and with that energy I try to become the positive person I seek within myself. I have up days and I have down days. I put all my faith in everything happening for a reason and it has brought me exactly where I am right now.

I am laying on my back under a heating pad to comfort the never ending saga of back pain. I am just watching a movie and I start thinking; By the way I have this awesome ability to get fully envolved and emotional in a movie and have a whole other separate thought still. I am so excited about were I am now and where it could lead but I often wonder how important where the things I left behind? The people who I have made important in my life, the ocean, and most of all the kids. It’s s helping others that keeps me alive but its these younger humans that inspire me the most.

So back to my “other” thought. In restarting my life I was building a tower without a foundation, a mountain without a base. For a little while it was really big and growing but it does not last because there is not enough to support it. Here right now as I restart my life again I am building that base and sealing my foundation to grow…..thats what is meant to be….this is what makes sense for me. I am so far away from my main goal but as old as I am, which is still young, I still have to take my time…..I still have to knock my goals out one at a time….I still have to enjoy where I am in life before I can step higher and stay UP.

I get down from time to time, perhaps it is mother natures way of building empathy and appreciation for what I have. I don’t want to get over zealous in my journey and I want my positivism to grow. Right now I am a guy with hope and a great massage. What I aim for is a legend of positive change! You think that is too much? I don’t? Always have big goals, always train to be the best. You don’t have to win first place to give your life meaning but you yourself know that you tried everything you could and landed right where you were meant to be. In a race to the top, so often things are missed. My journey is about seeing and doing as much as I can on the way up. Even if I fall, it is a chance to get up and discover even more.

I miss these powerful thoughts and I am so happy that they are back. I am going after everything and life will reward me with the journey not the destination!

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