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Morsels of Hope (Goal #7 for 2019)

I wish I could look ahead years into my own future to know if I am on the right path. To know where I am meant to be. I have approached so many things in my life to late. I am a man wanting to learn all, know all and experience all. I’m not bothered by the things that I tried and can not do. I am not bothered by the things I missed. I’m not bothered by things that will never happen again. I’m bothered in the present day, in the now. If I see any small morsel of hope for something I want in my life, there is no end until reality says time to move on. I have become such a weird combo of quiet and goofy. While I am nailing life on the outside….things are better then ever….I am still spinning on the inside….trying to figure out who, what, where, when, on those morsels of hope. I’m not gonna list out what’s toying around in my head. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. I will say no matter if I am as quiet as a sleeping child or as annoying as mosquito that’s out for blood, there is still a hundred things going on inside my head.

I’m not thinking about stopping. I’m not thinking about giving up. I am Crashing through waves of failure and rejection, but if I still see some light then I am still trying. I’m thinking about my next move. I’m thinking about how, what I am doing right this minute, and how it relates to the next and the next and the next.

You guys all know the game of Chess right? The last several years I have been throwing my pawns in as sacrifice. A good sacrifice full of discovery and experience. This year it’s time to move the big guys in the back but my opponent of Life has already made some heavy moves but I am always ready.

I give each day the chance that today is the day. It’s a heavy burden of hope for a list of chances for better things in life, but I just keep going.

Goal #7 is a simple goal. To be more active with my blog. Write more posts and post more new stuff. The funny thing is I gave myself October to take a break and said November I am spending all my free time building up my blog again. While October 31st I find out I am taking a night class every week day for work….for the next 3 weeks….An amazing opportunity to advance at work but we will see how this last goal fairs out this month.

It’s been a heck of a year not just with my 7 goals being accomplished but with those goals comes tons of change. Still I look forward to see what’s next for me. I stay in the present but I still look ahead to be ready for what life has planned for me next.

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