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Can’t Stop Thinking

6 months away from our wedding and our honeymoon cruise in the Southern Caribbean and I can’t stop thinking about my time working on cruise ships. It’s been about 10 years since I stepped foot on my first cruise which was also the South Caribbean. I was engaged…you know like I am right now…to the wrong person but the honeymoon was paid for so I took my sister instead. But had it not been for that cruise and the chain of events that happened on that cruise I may not have ever worked on a cruise ship and here i am now saying i worked on 2 of them in the Southern Caribbean and then Alaska.

I busted my ass to get a job on a crusie ship. It was shorted because of my allergies but it carries the biggest savior story of my life. I know I have burned people’s ears off from telling this so much but it’s so important. I’m all alone in the middle of the ocean. I’m on the bow of the ship so late at night with no fear left ready to say good bye. In that moment Mother Nature and the ocean chimed in and told me to stop. Told me there is more to my story than this. “I’m not done”.

For all most people knew I was unstoppable. A select few new the real struggle I was in though. From that moment on I vented out all the negative thoughts in my head and little by little my self worth rose again. My time on that ship I met so many great people and did so many amazing things. It was even a networking platform for my next crusie job too. On my 2nd crusie job it was even better and the memory of having a life threatening bacterial infection does not hold a candle to the good memories that happened before.

So by now your probably wondering why I want to go back to the Southern Caribbean or even on a cruise for that matter. As it very well could have been the end but I would like to look at it as a new beginning. A new Marc was forming and the best way to share this with the love of my life is to just go back there! I’ll always need some alone time with my friend the ocean. Those that have gone with me to the beaches to visit know that I need to go out into the water to reconnect. It’s been to long. This time I can lean over the side and look down and know I’m safe, know I took the right path and best of all, share it with the future to be forever in my life.

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