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Ingvar Kamprad, Famous Quote Friday

“I’m not afraid of turning 80 and I have lots of things to do. I don’t have time for dying.”

Ingvar Kamprad



I was reading Success magazine and was completely inspired by this man Ingvar Kamprad. At the age of 17 he founded IKEA. The store name was derived from his name and today there are over 300 stores in 44 countries. I am sure almost everyone knows IKEA but did you know it was founded by a young teenager?

This quote really puts his life into perspective. He had lots of things to do when he was 17 and now past 80 he still has the mind set for accomplishment.  There is so much for us to do and discover in this world and just not enough time to do it. There is no time to be lazy in a successful environment. There is no time for dying. Ingvar had many goals in life, I have many goals in life, we all should have many goals in life. We have to write them down and we have to live up to them. The people that make a difference in our world are not sitting around watching tv, they are not playing video games, they are not gossiping over social media, they are not looking at all the negative in our world. Those who wish to make a difference and be successful are seeking out the potential in the world and themselves. They are opening books for inspiration, they are listing goals and achieving them.

The reason I quoted Ingvar is my inspiration just from reading about him. I ask myself what can I do if I put everything I got into the world I live? I am not any famous motivational speaker or positive thinker….yet!. I have the rest of my life to prove every day that I will be. I have my goals to move forward a little at a time I achieve them and just make new ones. I came from a darker past where all I wanted to do was die. Today I literally have no time for dying. There is too much to learn to much to discover and  to many people that need inspiration (including myself).

Life is full of great things. No matter if you are 17, 33, or 80 give your life purpose.  There are lots of things to do and lots of things to discover. You owe it to yourself to find everything you can.

Have a great weekend and week ahead.  Next week I will not be posting, I will be out of town for the holidays. Please, please, please share my blog with your friends.  Thank you so much.

for more information on  Invar:

If Money Did Not Matter

Today’s post is a journey. I hope that you all have the time to take this short journey. It will inspire you, give yourself the time to read on. Now I know some of my posts can be a bit lengthy but the way I see it if you make time to read you make time to succeed! Now who doesn’t want success? If you complete this small journey today I only ask one thing. Tell me one major thing you are working on or working toward in your life. A question to be refined at the end.

When you were a kid growing up, what did you want to be? Be an astronaut, a chef, or even the president. What did you want to do with your life? Scale the tallest mountain, meet someone famous, or even travel the world. How many of your dreams have been fulfilled? One of the main things holding us back from what we desire most is money.

let me introduce you to Alan Watts a philosopher, writer, and speaker(play video below)

What if money did not matter? Your options are limitless, you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. Our own human nature and society has groomed us into the idea of earning a living to just simply earn a living. Very few of us go on earning a living doing what we love. Most of us continue doing what we are doing just to continue doing what we are doing. No that is not a typo think about it! Are you in a job just for the money? Do you wish you could be doing something different? Stop wishing and make it happen. This is your life.

This whole concept has been a huge part of big changes in my life and only now has it come into the light for me. I have been a professional graphic designer for over 10 years and all of the sudden I lost my passion for it. I was always looking for that better job with better pay. Aside from design my ultimate goal has always been to become a motivational speaker. I never saw money in it so it got kind of lost inside me. The struggles of life have surfaced it and brought back a beautiful dream. My life path is changing to so many wonderful things I can hardly keep up. People keep asking what my main view point will be as a motivator. I have Ideas of course but I still don’t have a solid answer.I do however have a monetarily free field of vision to take me there to find out.

None of us seem to give ourselves enough credit and that is were our dreams fall short. You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in the path that takes you to the things you dream about. I refer you to another video of a song I posted awhile ago. I will be standing in the hall of fame and even if it is one person at a time everyone will know my name.

here is the song and post

I can go on for hours about all the new thoughts and things in my life but everything I say and what Alan Watts says in his video is basically FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! If you put money first in your life you are never going to achieve your goals past looking for more money. You can be who you want to be if you believe in it enough, if you are determined enough. Your life will evolve around your passions. Love your life and do what you want with it.

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN! Post a comment of one thing (or several) you would like to do if money did not matter.

The inspiration for this post was started from Upworthy where I found the video by Alan Watts. What a truly amazing site.

I have also added share buttons on the bottom of my posts. If you like what you read, please share this with your friends.

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE I am grateful for your following and support. Enjoy the rest of your week.

100th POST

Intellectual: Developed or guided by the knowledge rather than by personal experience.

I don’t want to live with my nose in a big text book drumming up tons of facts. I love reading for sure so don’t get me wrong, but I want to live outside in the real world experiencing and experimenting with success and failure. I don’t need a masters degree to prove anything. I don’t need to be monetarily rich. I certainly don’t want to brain wash you telling you what to do with your life.

I want to share my positive view points with those willing to read or listen. I want to hear everyone’s opinion too! I want to help everyone I can in any way I can. I have lost so much in my life but gained so much more. The success I seek in life now will never just fall on my lap, I will have to work very hard for it. There will be many downs on my path but when I am going up I am like a positive firecracker.

One thing about me that some of you may know. I have a hard time to this day accepting compliments. Or thinking of myself. That being said I want to take this moment to be a little full of myself in asking something from all of you. Now some of you may not know me in person, some of you I have just met, some of you I have known for many years, some of you are very good friends and some of you have known me for 32 years. I want everyone willing, either now or in the near future to leave a comment on this blog post. Not just any comment, a comment about me. Think back as far or close as you want. Think of a time I have helped you with something important, think of a time I have inspired you, hey maybe even a time I changed your life. In as many words as you want tell me about it. For those that don’t know me very well yet, maybe think of a blog or quote I posted that particularly inspired you and tell me about it. If you don’t have anything to say that is alright, stick around because the future holds many more positive things in it and we are going to live up to all of them together. It is really important to me that you comment. If it is something you do not wish to share in public you can always email me instead ( I am not in any contest or looking for an ego boost I merely want to gather enough positivism to carry me through the next 100 posts.

I am grateful for all of you who share this blogging journey with me and hope you stick around so all of us together can keep making this a bigger positive experience! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you.

Passionate Inspirations

A few weeks ago I went on a High Adventure trip with my Venture Scouts. We went down to West Virginia near and on the New River Gorge. This was a trip I have been on many times, we do several adrenaline activities like mountain climbing, mountain biking, zip lining, and whitewater rafting. Each activity is just as risky and exciting as the others. This was the first time I had been here sense the gates of pure positivism have opened up in my life. I discovered that the guides that bring us on these tremendous events are full of instruction, full of funny jokes, and full of stories about past thrill seekers and their life’s path. Listening to them talk about their life was very inspiring, I was really tuned into the passion they felt about the job they are doing. These men and women are living the dream.

Our climbing guide was talking about how much of an avid kayaker she was but was ready to tackle a new adventure as a climbing guide. Every day she works on the glorious cliff sides just to make it to the end of her day so she can pop her kayak in the water and take it down the New River. Further into her life story you could really feel how passionate she was about the adventurous outdoors. When summer falls short and winter begins she heads up to Colorado working the ski slopes in the mountains. She works there only for the opportunities to go snowboarding. When summer comes back here she comes back to West Virginia. There is no money in this venture it is just pure passion. She knows darn well that this kind of life style won’t last forever. When questioned about her future in adventure seeking she simply said “I want to get as much kayaking and boarding time as I can before I physically can’t anymore.”

To really feel the passion behind these guides you have to be there, you have to hear them. My explanations do no justice to the positive emotions resonating from their lips. This is what brings me to talk about passions and inspirations. We all have passions and we owe it to ourselves to discover those passions and share then with others. We all have people we look up to, people that inspire us. Those passionate about what they speak will have great attention from their audiences.  I guess what I am saying hear is seek out those that are passionate about the things they love doing. When you can feel that positive energy spilling off of them I encourage you to listen more. I encourage you to ask questions. The emotions of passion and inspiration are so intoxicating within our own lives, but merely to listen to others will just blows your mind away. When you read a good book, your are reading the written words of a passionate writer. When you see a movie that really touches you, there is a whole cast and crew of those that are passionate about what they do. When you meet a surfer and all he can talk about is waves, there is a great level of passion. When you listen to a motivational speaker, they inspire you. They don’t inspire you just because they know what to say they inspire you because they have a passion for helping others.

I am not an ace writer, I am not a fast reader, I still have nerves when speaking in front of a crowd, but nothing is going to stop me from getting better at everything I want to do, every single day. I have been criticized for my grammar all my life. I have been looked down on for my reading abilities. The times has come for me to stop saying I am a slow learner, to ignore the harsh nonconstructive criticism. If I can stand on the edge of a mountainside cliff and look down with a fear of heights, I can read, and write, and speak better than ever before. This blog and all my quotes are just the warm up. I have big ideas to share with people, and when I am scared, when I fall helpless I will climb back up time and again to step on that cliff and look down on all that I have accomplished. I am  grateful to all those who have been and will be supporting my journey. When I reach the top of one mountain it is just time to travel to another. I want to live my dream, and I am going to!

Seriously people. Find your passions, and do whatever it takes to reach them. Find those who inspire you and just listen. Love your life and live your dreams.

“You can find inspiration by just listening to those who are passionate about what they do.”

-Marc Meyer-

Joy in Challenges

I know my last post was about challenges and I have certainly had my fair share of challenges in life and right now. I read an article in Success Magazine called “Finding Joy in the Challenges” This article was all about finding fulfillment in Marketing, not necessarily as a profession just as an important entity in any business. As you may know I am in Marketing, but I want to share with you what I took from this article outside of the world of Marketing. We face so many challenges in our life, some we have no choice in the matter, others we do. The ones I speak of today are those challenges where we are given the choice.

My whole life seems to be stacked with challenges. At first I would let them get to me.  But that was strange because I had a never give up attitude from the day I was born. Sure I can do this…I WILL do this. In the past year alone I have overcome so much, so much has changed, so many good challenging things are happening in my life RIGHT NOW! I don’t think I will ever stop talking about it. I mean I was ready to settle down, ready to say this is the Marc that you will see for the rest of your life. Did not even comprehend that I can turn my whole life around again. I say again because at the age of 32 I can think of 4 other times that have turned my life around. This life change I am in the middle of right now is awesome. Fortunately I am writing and blogging and quoting my thoughts as I go now. I have a new light, a new heightened sense of positivism, determination, love and gratitude in my life right now. With all this good in my life still comes those challenges. The word challenge is something I have gotten used to, something that will never go away. But I stand before all with a newer definition to “Challenge Accepted”.  Don’t just find the positives in the challenges, find that spark inside you that tells you that you are doing what you love. Find the joy in your challenges. How is that joy going to grow into the next challenge you face. You cannot just put a smile on your face and say “challenge accepted” you need to put a smile on your heart you need to place that challenge on the joys of your future.

If your life is plain and boring you are not challenging yourself. Everyone has a list, be it written or in your head of what you want to do with your life. But a lot of people play the card that it is too hard, or they are just too lazy to do it. I know we are not all wired the same, but all of us should be able to find satisfaction on the road of challenges to the things we love.

I want to list a few questions from the article that I read that you should try to answer. I changed them a little to pertain to ourselves because this was an article about marketing but I think we can apply these questions to our lives too.

-What do you stand for?

-How do you add value to your life?

-What is your style?

-What makes you awesome?

-How will you stand out?

-How will you change this world?

When you answer these questions ignore the simple answers on the surface and dig deep into the drive within you to find the truest answer. Challenges enlist a certain level of creativity in your lives too. There is no one answer to any challenge. All of us were born with the ability to be creative in our own personal ways. Your creativity can show in the answers to these questions above for sure and it shows in your ever day lives too.

Our lives are not meant to be easy. The only way they are easy is if we are not pursuing what we truly want from life. Not only should you accept the challenges; you should find the joy in every step of the way through them as well.

UP Momentum

It is one thing to be positive and another to stay positive. A positive attitude is going to get you were you want to be in life. The more negative hiccups you let bother you the slower it will take to get there.

April 4th 2012: (just something I wrote, here is the whole time line if you want to look)

“Some days you will wake up and realize the world around you is different. Mother Nature has changed, society has changed, your family has changed, your friends have changed, and YOU have changed. What once was, is now different. What once was may have never been what you really thought it was, and now it is different. Walk forward in your days, not backwards. Embrace what you have learned, embrace what makes you happy. Walk past those that have no positive impact on your life, and forgive those that are not worthy. Never forget what made you the way you are today. Never forget the memories that lighten up your life but always move forward. Stay positive and watch all the negativity disappear.”


About a year ago I thought things were perfect, I was ready to settle down, life was so good. But then I realized the 4 years I spent being my best with someone, was hardly worth the flush of a toilet to them. Dropped like I had no quality worth fighting for. I did not just fall down the escalator of life’s progression I was thrown right over the side. I hit bottom hard. It was a place I had forgotten about, a place where I did not want to be a part of my world anymore. That scared the crap out of me, but I simply said “NO”. It was time to put every muscle in my body in a new direction, a positive one. I got my butt back up found a new path and I am climbing again. Climbing higher  and faster than ever. I owe it all to positive momentum. I have the biggest forward momentum of my entire life. When you get that taste of success in any part of your life its fuel to keep going and my tank is always full.


Always keep moving forward. Don’t let yourself or others hold you back. Set up some goals to get the ball rolling on where you want to be in your life. Once you start putting that effort forward, once you start achieving those goals that uphill climb starts to get flatter and flatter, easier and easier. Fill your life with Ultra Positivism and it will make your trek to the top that much easier. Hang out with people that have the biggest influence in your life. Listen to those people who give you the most support and encouragement along the way. When you pay attention to the positives, the negative naturally weed themselves out. Get enough positive momentum going you will very seldom be tripping over many negative on the way up. Instead you will be leaping over them. Every time you do meet a negative just tell yourself, “challenge accepted”! Figure out what you need to do to move past it. Don’t ever dwell on it, don’t let those setbacks sit in your head, keep going forward, keep going up. Keep that Ultra Positive momentum. Most importantly just have fun along the way. Your path to the top may be the hardest and longest path you have ever been on but you need to have fun along the way. If you are not having fun on your journey you need to really think about where you are going and why you are going there. If you are not happy along the way you are not going to be happy at the top. So GET EXCITED! You will be surprised how far a positive attitude will get you in life. Those that disagree will never make it as far as you can. Turn that frown upside down. Everything you do in life starts with a smile and as long as you keep smiling Ultra Positivism will never end, and your destination will get closer every day!

Keep the UP Momentum going.




Hall Of Fame – The Script feat.

Coming across this song was another small venture for me. As you know I am on a quest to love everything. I started listening to my least favorite music, Pop music. I really like the energy and the beats that Pop music presents. Needless to say I have been listening to a lot of Pop music to and from work, and this song came on. I was like “Ohhh Standing in the Hall of fame, that sounds awesome.”  Yeah I was talking to myself! Anyways, When I got home I found this song on YouTube with the lyrics.

Sense I found this song I have been listening to it every day! This song really speaks to me so much, and to this day it strings up some powerful emotions. Strings up memories of who I used to be, who I am now, and who I will be in the future. I will be the best, I will move a mountain, and the world is going to know my name. At 32 I have a lot of life left in me. I have never been this positive in my entire life and it still gets stronger everyday. My smile gets bigger every day. I am reaching for the top, but not by myself. I am gonna carry everyone with me that wants to go. So many people have been so helpful in my life and I am so grateful for it. When I fall, when I fail, when a hard day brings tears to my eyes, when I look to far into my past, ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO BE THERE to help me. To help me get up, to cushion my fall, to wipe my eyes, and tell me to turn back around. I’m in uncharted waters swimming as hard as I can, I can see the shore and so many life boats along the way.
I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do! Thanks you

Merry New Year

I have come so far this year in finding the new Marc I am today. Tomorrow I may be different, we are forever changing. Our hope should be that we are always changing for the better. Our goals should always be a step forward in our lives. I have learned so much I have tried so many new things and I have met so many good people. Here I would like to show you a timeline of quotes that span almost a year. These are not my best but they stuck out as important to me for sure.

January 10th 2012:

“My creative juices and my motivation are returning! WATCH OUT! I am on the move for new things!”

April 4th 2012:

“Some days you will wake up and realize the world around you is different. Mother Nature has changed, society has changed, your family has changed, your friends have changed, and YOU have changed. What once was, is now different. What once was may have never been what you really thought it was, and now it is different. Walk forward in your days, not backwards. Embrace what you have learned, embrace what makes you happy. Walk past those that have no positive impact on your life, and forgive those that are not worthy. Never forget what made you the way you are today. Never forget the memories that lighten up your life but always move forward. Stay positive and watch all the negativity disappear.”

May 10th:

“This is the hardest I have ever fought to stay positive in my entire life. 😦 ready….go!”


May 14th:

“We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.”(Ralph Waldo Emerson) “We learn true love the morning after a heartbreak.” (Me)


June 4th:

“Reinstating the Marc Meyer patented “ULTRA POSITIVISM” soon. Stand by for great things!”

Aug 29th: (first blog post, and I shared the blog to everyone a few months later)

Today I start a new life. A life were the good will remain, and the bad shall travel in a different lane. Working up the motivation and courage to start this has been a long thought process, so in light of getting a good nights rest I shall tell my story the next time I post.

The hiccup in this time line of posts was the hardest time in my entire life, but I used all of the negative energy for positive and it has changed my life more than I ever imagined. I can walk away from this lose holding onto an amazing memory of what has passed and a drive like no other to succeed forward in every part of my life.

I have come a long way in less than a year’s time and it is merely the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. I have accomplished so many goals. I have many new paths in my life, all AMAZING. I have great new friends, reacquainted with old ones, and the best of the best still stand tall in my life. January 2nd I don’t just start a new job, I start a brand new career. Everything I do, everything that happens, puts me one step closer to becoming, the most inflectional positive motivational speaker of our time. Sounds like a bit of a tough goal right? I am going to reach for it and I know now, because of who I am and who I have become, that the journey there is going to encompass every part of my life. The best parts of our lives are not the goals we achieve it is the journey getting there. I have tons of goals lined up, and tons of new journey already being explored.

We have landmarked New Years with new resolutions. The only resolution I have always kept to myself is to simply make a difference, try my best in all things! Be it in myself or others try my best to make a difference. Having tons of positive in your life is indeed overwhelming at times but if you organize all your thoughts, write things down, and be grateful, you will see everything materialize in your life a lot faster. I greatly look forward to where I will be in my life in a years time.

A merry, lovely, fantastic, amazing Christmas to all! and a happy New Years.

For all who read or follow this blog my greatest of appreciation goes out to you. If you could write down some of your resolutions for the next year this would be very inspirational for me. Thank you so much.

Love and well wishes to all.



For those of you who know me, you already know what the phrase “YOU WANT ME” means to me. But for those that do not, perhaps you can see why it is the subtitle to my blog. In my negative depressed days I used to say things like; whatever, I guess, and I don’t know. In my own opinion those are all negative responses permitting of course the context it is being used in. Given my better view on life many many years ago I wanted to turn that around. I cannot pin point the exact moment for the arrival of the phrase “YOU WANT ME” but I can at least tell you what it means.

First what it does not mean. It is not some arrogant remark to say that I am so awesome or so much better then you that I am noting the fact that you want me, but it does mean plenty of good things. First off it is just plain funny! It is a sign that I am comfortable with myself. It is like a hello for some. It is the opportunity to throw in the random ice breaker to start a conversation. I use it to stop a bad conversation. I use it to calm an argument. If someone is trying to make me feel uncomfortable I can say it to them to feel better. It adds light hearted innocent humor to the room. It defines the people that do not care for me because it will weird them out when I say it! In the sense of love the words speak for themselves, YOU WANT ME! One of the best reasons I say it is I love to hear the creative responses back!

I say it to friends, family, strangers, and anyone really. It is not always willy nilly coming out of my mouth but it shows that I am on a comfort level with you and if you are not weirded out it is a good feeling that you are comfortable with me. I love that my phrase has spread to others. I really get a kick out of it when I hear others say it to me or whoever!

People have catch phrases and quotes to remember them by…..mine is just simply YOU WANT ME! It has never brought any bad things my direction, and I have been saying it for as long as I can remember! Find your catch phrase and have fun with it!

UP Mode

UP With Marc, Ultra Positivism with Marc. Many years ago I came to a realization that I wholeheartedly hated my job. I was working in the deli at a major grocery store, all through college. 3 years into college and the deli and relatively depression free now; I was realizing how much I wanted out of the deli to start the career I was going to school for. I was very negative and bitter towards the job and most of my fellow employees. I awoke one day and said I really needed to change my attitude. This is when I came up with “Ultra Positive Mode”

I started with this Ultra Positive Mode right away. I am going in for another day at work but with a different approach this time. I decided I wanted to put myself in a good mood. It is common courtesy to ask how someone is doing.  It is also common for people to just answer with a generic response, “Ok” or “Fine”. Those answers bother me. Add some definition and passion to your response. If you are doing good say you are doing good, if you are doing bad say you are doing bad. Anyways, when people at work asked how I was doing I would give them a way over exaggerated response. “Oh I am doing amazing”. This notion of exaggeration had transformed my attitude not only at work but in life. The more and more I kept saying I was doing amazing each day, the closer and closer I got to actually feeling amazing. When they ask why I was doing so good, I started out just by saying “Life is good, do I need any other reason?”  Over time all of my coworkers started to love working with me even more. My great attitude started rubbing off on everyone. I begin to tolerate, perform better and eventually like my job. Outside of work I would not rush home or out with friends anymore to just start complaining about work. I could just go straight into the good parts of my life.

I used to be depressed, negative, a complainer, a guilt tripper. Ultra Positive Mode or UP Mode was the new beginning of transforming my life. For the record I have had many positive transforming parts of my life, if you recall in the earlier background posts of this blog. You will hear more for sure, and now in the present day I believe I have found my calling. I want to share with the world my ways to a more positive life style. I really look forward to seeing if my ideas catch the interests of others. I have ideas piled up that I just need to write down and share with you. As the days progress my positivism grows stronger and the good ideas come pouring in, so please stick around. Come back often, and share this blog with your friends and family. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook as to when I post or just come back here and see what’s new. I will be writing as much as possible, and feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Some of the stuff you may already know, some of it may be simple, some of it may not make sense but everything I write is an idea that is true to me. We all have differences but there are endless ways to be positive.

Dr. Eric Perry

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