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Smiling (audio post)


I am the kind of person to just jump in and give it a shot. Like most people I am also my own worst critic. Over time I will build up my confidence and be way better then how I am now. For now I will just try my best.

I know that I have shared this quote with you many times but it is a very important quote to me and I live by it in my daily life.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly–until you can learn to do it well.”
Zig Ziglar

Today’s recording is all about smiling.


Finding Confidence

No matter what happens in your life you have to stay cool. You have to allow the reality that everything is going to be ok, run through your body. When you reach for big things in your life I can easily tell you from experience, it will never be a piece of cake. That cake is delicious but you need to watch out for the knife that is cutting those sweet pieces in your life. What you need for life’s endeavors is confidence. I could stop this speech with this one idea and just tell you that you can achieve anything in life by just being confident in the fact that you can do it, you will meet your goals.

When you set out on a new journey, it can be fun but the one I embark on currently has already been testing the confidence of many parts of my life. I am working with something I have never done in a place I have never been. The great part of this is I am adventuring to a place I have always wanted to go.

You do not need to find confidence, it is already in you, all you have to do is not be afraid to use it. It is a worthwhile but heavy toll as confidence puts you at the front seat of everything you want in life. You have to be ready to fail just as much as you succeed. You have to know when one way does not work try another. No one but you can take your confidence away. In the same confidence that you know you can breathe, know that you can do anything!

3 years ago today!

3 years of blogging and so many goals achieved. So many new goals and new experiences. The best part is there are more goals to come, more adventures to live, and more great people to meet! So excited to have kept up with this blog for so long. I was never a big writer before but practice makes perfect! I do not strive to be the greatest writer ever and my grammar and quick writing can show for that, but I do strive to make a positive difference in our world! My writing and Ideas can show for that!

This is where it all started:


So much gratitude,





Do you think you are important? Do you know why? We are all an important part of this world. It is only those with confidence that discover what makes them important. I always believed I was special. Not in a, I am the baby of the family, special but special in a way that some people in the world never see.

It took me till 33 to realize where I am meant to be. How many of you would have given up by then? I wanted to be a graphic designer sense junior high and I loved art more than anything, yet I struggled to find value in my 10 plus year career as a Graphic Designer. I had thought that trying my best and reaching the top of my career it would reveal my importance in the world. As design director it took major life changes to knock my off this ladder and realize I must try and find other ladders to climb.

After trying many things I found the ladder I needed to climb. I have been receiving signs for this all my life. I can make a baby smile and stare just by looking at them. I can be empathetic to a child as they learn life skills. I can relate to a teenager and help them succeed in the right direction. My new life was handed to me in the notion that everything happens for a reason. I was meant to talk to kids of all ages, and no more does a day go by where I don’t progress on making this happen.

It is not an easy road, it is not a short road, but no matter what; I guarantee that when I am ready, when the world is ready, I AM THE NEXT BIG THING.

My blog will be changing as my life has been shifting. I wrote quotes for a while, I made memes for a while, and I had a set posting schedule. I am and will be writing more inspiring post and stories for sure. I will be writing speeches that will be fine-tuned over time to be ready for a live audience. I do not have a time frame for you other than, it is happening right now, however I will still stick to my Wednesday posting.

I urge everyone to go discover what is meant to be part of their life. It is all right there in your head you just have to have the confidence, strength, and positive attitude to go after it.


Eyes Closed, A Reiki Experience

For those of you who would prefer the shorter version, well, my Reiki experience was AMAZING! DONE!

For those that would like a little more detail here we go!

Starting off I refrained from doing much research on the subject of Reiki Healing. I wanting to go into the experience with a curious mind instead of a expectant mind. I Am so glad I did, I don’t know that I could have had the experience that I did had I known to much about it beforehand.

I got plenty of rest and tried to keep myself calm throughout the work day. you could say I pre-gamed for it, ha!  This is not hard to do because I know and do my job well and my boss is amazing. I went for my Reiki Healing right after work. I arrived to Carols with an open door and before I could even step inside the beautiful aroma of incense had flooded my senses. I absolutely love incense. Hugs were exchanged immediately and I was guided into her fragrant Reiki Healing sanctuary of crystals and spiritual keep sakes. We sat down and first she did a card reading. It is really amazing how spot on she can be with minimal information. For those of you who don’t know me I am not easily fooled so her accuracy is quite astonishing. It is easy to see Carol has great passion for what she does. She really put into perspective, the life path I am taking, what I am doing well and what I need to work on. I have a great knack for positivism but the thing I still need to build on is my confidence. Every post I make, every quotes I come up with, every person I met and talk to is one step closer to better confidence in myself. I am grateful to know that I am on the right track.

The tarot card reading has put me in a calm and open minded mode as I am sure it is intended to do. Now begins the Reiki Healing process. I lay down on the table. I am asking many questions throughout which she certainly enjoyed answering. The lights are dim, the table bed was warm, there is meditation music in the background the incense are still glorious. She is giving minimal instructions just to the effect of what she will or will not be doing, as well as saying she may talk or may stay quiet. I asked if I could close my eyes and she was perfectly fine with that. I wanted to close my eyes because I believe it would allow me to have a fuller and truer experience. I did not want my psychological eye to be persuaded by her actions.

Needless to say my eyes are closed and I don’t know exactly where she is or what she was doing. The mystery of it was exhilarating in itself. Even when she made contact with me physically I could hardly tell and I am sure some of it I may have been unaware of in my relaxed state. All of the sudden I feel a tingling sensation from my waste to my toes. This was no ordinary feeling. It felt as though every cell of my body in the lower half was experiencing this unique tingle. Like a low electrical current. Keep in mind there was nothing resting on me, she was not touching me at the time and I was not given anything but these meditation crystals to hold in either hand. This feeling was passing as she proceeded. Then I could feel my stomach started to knot up for some reason so she began to open up the energy flow in my stomach and you literally could feel the knots untying in my stomach, this was nuts! During this I still had my eyes closed. You know when you close your eyes you see nothing right? It is all black or it is whatever you imagined it to be. Well I was still relaxing and amazingly the thoughts have been drained from my head. For me a mind void of thought is a rare treat. I began to see vivid colors roll across my eyes one at a time. This was amazing, the most vibrant of these colors was blue and then Light green. Never seen or visualized anything like this. To fully  explain this to you would be impossible. You really would have had to taken residence in my eye sockets and seen it for yourself. She did one final extraction of negative energy all the way around my body. This party you could feel but I was already in a Reiki relaxed trance at this point anyways.

After the healing was done I was super crazy relaxed. It was hard to even get up. We sat down shortly after and chatted a bit more and I asked a few more questions. I don’t know how effective cliffhangers are in the early stages of my blogging experience but Carol answered my questions and the days following Reiki was an astounding experience unmatched by anything I have ever felt previously.

Please stay tuned follow my blog and share it with your friends. Next Wed. I will explain my journey after Reiki.

Do you have a Reiki experience to share? From my understanding people can have very different experiences. I would love to hear others.

I hope everyone has a super relaxing day.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience for yourself this is were I went. 630-551-6965 Carol Rushton Reiki Master/Teacher St Charles IL. Even Carol is already excited to hear part 2 of this blob!

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Famous Quote Friday

“No, silly. I’m being brave. All you got to do is be scarier than whatever’s scaring you.”
Thumper (Bambi)

Be brave. There are a lot of things in life that we second guess doing. All you need is that extra bit of confidence to step past the threshold of your challenges. When you find yourself scared to do something, or say something to someone, or be around something, just think about why. Why are you scared, what is holding you back? I encourage you to listen to those positive voices in your head, try everything, and take risks. Stand tall and scarier then everything that scares you. Listen to your heart, it is never telling you what you are scared of, it is giving you the passion to go after what is meant to be.


This post is in memory of my buddy Zeal. He was a Rex mix rabbit formally named Thumper. I only had him for a short time but the poor guy passed on a few days ago because he had an enlarged heart and it just gave out on him. It is a sad notion for someone or something to pass on because their heart was too big. Zeal is taking a trip to the carrot fields above, a world where a physically bigger heart is excepted.



“The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.”
-Martin Luther King Jr-


We can easily behave well within our comfort zone. We can keep ourselves collected when we enter a situation we have been in, know, or are prepared for. What matters most is how we stand in the unpredictable times, how we handle new challenges. The confidence and efforts we show in those situations are what really defines the kind of person we are. Make it a point each day to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, or learn something new. Always be prepared and show confidence for what may lie ahead.

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