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Mr. Hashbrowns Goes To Alaska!

The last time I did this, I mean the last time I worked on a cruise ship my life was in a different place. I had quit my job as a design director, quit my next job as a marketing and events planner and I took my first cruise ship job as a huge risk with great adventure. I say huge risk because I packed up my whole life into a storage unit. When I returned from this job I had no place lined up to live and no job lined up. This time around as I set sail from Vancouver thru Alaska and back many times I feel way more comfortable. Sure last time I survived but this time I did not pack up anything, it will all be waiting for me when I return. This time I will have a job that looks forward to my return.

As if going on this work travel journey is not exciting enough. I already have goals lined up for when I return. I have mentioned this in just about every post recently and I am sure it will be said more; I am excited for my next big goal to be a motivational speaker for children.

Getting what you want out of life is really easy……..REALLY EASY! You have to live and breathe your goals…you have to have goals period. I could start a whole blog just on my goals. I have goals for my goals and I have more goals when I meet other goals…..upon my return to my job in Florida I will emerge myself into reading, watching, learning, listening and thinking about motivational speaking. I will have little motivations running around (the students) to remind me every day that I want to motivate and speak to children. I will be writing speeches and at the same time reading and watching other people speak.

This venture will not be void of challenges and failures, but how else am I to properly learn? Many MANY years ago I was thinking about the best ways to end my life. Today I cannot even start one new adventure before getting excited to live up to my new high standards of effort toward my next adventure! Positive thinking, that is it!

In my last post I said 70 years to make a difference in other people’s lives. I thought about that ever sense and that is so much time when I look at everything I have done in just 3 years time. I might just be at that time to give myself a name! I know it’s cheesy to some but what the kids simply call me at school should be good enough: Mr. Marc. Or I could use other names they call me: Mr. Marc-e, Mr. Marcs-a-clause, Mr. Marc-e-mon, Mr. Hashbrowns, Mr. Hippo, Mr. Crazy, Mr. Halla, Mr. Smile. I could keep going but they just get more random. If they say something inappropriate I correct them but whatever makes a good connection to address me I answer to everything! After all they are kids and they know my real name first and then call me whatever.

Wow I did a tangent in my own blog, but I am leaving it because I think it’s cute! Anyways ahhhhhhhhhhh here I come Alaska/Canada it’s time to make my MARC in a new place.

I love all of you and I am grateful for your support in any or many ways. You will start seeing changes in September but until then I will post when I can. Receptions not to good when you’re out on the ocean on a glamorous ship for 2 months! 😛

I have a love affair with the Ocean and she is so excited I get to see another side of her, and she is exicted I will be by the mountains and the ocean! Bye for now I love all of you.


Try (Variety Friday)


This April Health month started with the idea to try a new challenge. A challenge to eat better, be more active and loss weight. 2 weeks in I can proudly say I am accomplishing these challenges. My move down here started with the idea to start a new career with something completely different. I accomplished that, by now working in an elementary school! I wanted to try and find work over the summer and boy did I ever accomplish that! I will be working on a cruise ship again but this time up in Alaska for the summer. If I never would have tried working on a cruise ship in the first place, I would have never accomplished working on the cruise ship a 2nd time. Its a once in a life time opportunity for me and now I get to do it again!

Great things can happen in your life all you have to do is TRY and you can ACCOMPLISH anything. Have a great weekend everyone.

Please share your GOALS, CHALLENGES, and STORIES right here or on my Facebook page, and be sure to share my posts with your friends.


I wake up it is still dark, and then I remember I am living on a cruise ship for 6 months. There is no outside light in my cabin, you just hope your alarm clock has the correct time. Now I have lived in basements and dark places but when you work all day everyday on a cruise ship your body is confused when you wake up in the same conditions you went to sleep, darkness.  One of many challenges I have encountered out in the Southern Caribbean while working on a cruise ship.  

Taking this job was a huge chance, a huge risk into a new world. I as well as many of you have lived through a long list of challenges but I am writing this and you are reading this so all of us have seemed to survive. It may not seem worth it now but if you just keep your eye on what you learned instead of how hard it was you will certainly be satisfied. Don’t get me wrong my cruise experience was amazing.

The phrase ”you only live once” gets tossed around a lot but it is time you put some real charge to that risk. Do things you would not normally do, go places you always wanted to go, talk to those people you never would have before and say the things you always wanted to say. At Thirty three I have been through a lot in my life but I also understand the value of those who have indeed gone through more trying times then I have.

It is time to put myself out there. I am taking risks and trying new things. The only thing to lose is self worth for not trying. We go through so much rejection in our lives and so many people saying no and discovering so many things we just don’t understand. Eventually you get somewhere good. When you get to that comfortable spot in your life you have to hold onto it with everything you have because without warning you can get thrown from that easy chair into a new world. A world you have to learn to trust again, world you have to learn to love again, even a world where you start over. You have to push through all the no’s and rejection once again. This is where I am once again in life. I have turned into a new person, not much different than the last one but this time I have a fire behind me burning real hot. A spark inside of me to succeed in something new. I will get there and if I get knocked down at the top I will get up and do it again. The more people that say no to me and the things I want and want to do in my life the stronger I get, the closer I get to that yes.

You only live once. Stop thinking about it and just do it. Stop worrying about it and just take that chance. Make that big move, take that job offer, ask that girl out and try everything you always wanted to. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? In sales you have to get through the no’s to find the positive buyers. You are selling yourself the same way. Brush off the No’s, rejections and failures and move on. There is too much of this world to be explored to be hung up on a bad life. You make your life what it is. You can sit there and do nothing and watch yourself go no where, or you can get up and go after everything!

No matter how much life hurts there is always something out there that will make you smile, so go and find it!

Famous Quote Friday (Greg Scott)

“If you’re smiling so hard you think you look ridiculous, you’re doing it right.”

Greg Scott

Greg may not be famous but I guarantee he knows people all over the world. He is a recruiter from Starboard, the company that hired me on. I do not know if this is his quote or not but I heard it come out of his mouth! It is so true, the bigger you smile the more ridiculous you feel, but the results you get in return are something you have never seen before.

Today I don’t really want to tell you a million ways why smiling is awesome, I really want you to see for yourself:

– First I want you to walk around and look at everyone else, How many people do you see smiling. Sadly not many, even if you are on vacation.

– Now walk around with a smile on your face and make eye contact with people and see how many others you can get to smile back. It is going be almost everyone!

– Go to a mirror and smile as big as possible, you look and feel ridiculous right? Challenge yourself to go out in public looking “ridiculous” with your smile! People are going to start talking to you, people are goong to start watching you and wondering why you are so happy. You are giving out so much positive with that bigger smile and it all starts coming right back to  you. I can prove this every time.

-Try smiling all day. Keep it on your mind and catch yourself every time it goes away. Your going to have fun and when you are around more people you are going to get more positive feedback.

Everyone’s smile is beautiful. When you smile you are giving everyone a fast pass to your heart. Smile so big it hurts. Move past being self conscious and just do it. I have 2 big chips in my front teeth and I have had them sense 4-5 grade. When I smile big those show big time, but I don’t care anymore. When I smile really big it gets the right kind of attention anyone would look for. You would not believe how many greetings I receive just by smiling at people. I am not afraid to smile at anyone. Smile at couples, kids, elderly, others on the road, people from across the room or just anyone. It gets to a point were it is fun and you forget your smiling. I am sure there are lengthy books out there on the power of smiling but right here in a short post you have everything you need. JUST SMILE your way thru life and watch it transform.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. How many people can you get to smile, how many peoples heart will you see today? Will it be just your sweetheart or will it be everyone?

Love my blog and love my Facebook.

Geneva Hug

As some, most or maybe all of you know, I drove up to Toronto for an all day group interview for a long sought after shipboard cruise ship position. I would like to talk about my trip there.  I know my blog went from posts about positivism to events of my life, however, my life has taken such an overwhelming positive direction and so many great things are happening with my life. Sharing them really amounts to share more about positivism. For the regular followers, all those family and friend that support the great changes in my life and those new to my life and my blog I thank you. What you put out into the world you get back. The more and more positive I share out into the world the more there is that seriously comes back. For me it is happening. I have looked at all these new positives in my life with gratitude, a blessing in disguise, and just plan good luck. I realized last Wednesday, those are all true but it is also those positives I have given out coming back to me. When you hear great sayings and great quote and see that they apply directly to your life it brings and chill of happiness through your body that is unmatched.

 So I was heading up to Toronto for this amazing interview opportunity, I brought my Himalayan salt rock and my lucky black squirrel. I decided to make a detour to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The drive was easy and beautiful, well worth the trip for sure. So many people talk about how beautiful the Niagara Falls are in the summer, but the beauty in the winter is just another spectacular canvas for mother nature.


 Now on to Toronto, found were my Interview event was then found my hotel. I checked in and went for a walk. I was on a search for a famous Canadian dish, Poutin! It is traditional fries with gravy and cheese curds, but they have entire restaurants with many varieties of Poutin, I even found vegetarian options. You name it, they are putting it on their fries. I love fries…who doesn’t? On my way to and from my glorious Poutin experience I realized I was in China town of Toronto and literally right outside the main downtown area. The diversity of individuals was amazing. Everyone was so nice. I rarely heard a horn honk and their train cars went right down the main streets. The graffiti was actually inspirational instead of obnoxious.

 3 images

 So comes the big day, and the walk to were the event was. I am used to the high winds and arctic blast and snow from Chicago so I bundled up in preparation. It was snowing heavily and intermittently windy, but all an all the walk was a piece of cake. I was wearing dress shoes the whole walk and I was actually disappointed that my socks never even got wet! I was anticipating having to dry them. Most of the people who were at the interview were Canadian, obviously! They were amazed that I walked. I was baffled, I said “Um I am in Canada right? you guess are used to this kind of weather I thought?”

 The Interview event was all day and amazing. There was about 30 of us taking in tons of information and participating in many individual and group activities. It funny that I say this but I did so much research beforehand that hardly anything I heard was new information. I had hoped to convey that I was well prepared and eager to participate and nail this job. At the end we had to give a presentation to promote a product. This was a huge key to the job. During mine a very interesting thing happened. I messed up my presentation in my eyes but I just kept it going and kept it strong. Now what happened during my presentation was amazing. I was tuned in on both of the recruiters that were there and I could feel their opinions of me click over to a good impression! I actually paused because the connection was so strong and caught myself off guard. That was a great feeling for me but not a %100 you are hired just yet.

 Let me rewind just a bit, I got caught up on the actually interview but the people who were there are amazing. A few people from around the world and 2 others from the United States.  Sitting right next to me was a former Chicago Fire soccer player. If you don’t know I am a big Chicago Fire fan so that was amazing. Then there was a girl I had met there from Canada with a fantastic name. Her name was Geneva Hug. Yes, now you know where the title came from. It was such a unique and beautiful name, and a wonderful individual. It was a name that was hard to forget and if she sees this I hope she does not mind my use of her name! It was so nice to meet Kim Kyle and Greg Scott the recruiters, they had such fantastic personalities.

 The deed is now done, the interview is done, I headed back to my hotel rewardingly stuffed my face with more Canadian cuisine all that is left now is to wait! The next morning I started my trek home. Back in the states I stopped in Michigan for lunch and check my email on my phone. There was already an email from Kim. She wrote” I am fairly confident you will join pretty fast…. Welcome aboard Marc.” I almost spit out my lunch. I was expecting to wait a week but here it is. I had to call just to be sure. I was not even home yet, she was not even home yet and here it is. I have purchased reading material and cruise company reference guides. I was exhausting even the internet’s amount of information on getting a cruise ship job. I was applying nonstop, each effort got better and better. I was networking like crazy. I punched through so many challenges in this life changing opportunity. It was long and hard, but I never lost hope. I could feel everything start to come together, I could feel myself narrowing in on success. I AM HIRED!

 The support from family and friend is and has been amazing. I posted of my success on Facebook and the congratulations that came in really surprised me. There are so many people following this journey of mine it really warmed my heart. Not even my best day in the blog world can rival the attention I am still getting from all of the congratulations. I am so grateful for so much support and encouragement. 

 The biggest reason people go for this job is to travel and make money. Those are bonuses for me but the main reason for me was to meet new people, see new cultures of positivism around the world. Geneva Hug, though we did not say much to each other, is the start of my path to meeting more wonderful people around the world.

 I have the job but the deal is not sealed, I now wait to be assigned to a ship. I also have to pass a very extensive physical examination and gather enough money to start this venture. I will figure it out and I will succeed. I have come too far to fail now but once on board a new set of challenges will be presented. I AM READY!

 By the way this was the short version. So much has happened just on my trip to Canada alone. All signs in my life are pointing in the direction I am going and it certainly helps keep me going. Thank you very much everyone for all your support. Please take a little time to go and like my Facebook and follow more positivism from Up With Marc.

Be Prepared

My mind is off topic right now. I mean I am still stirring around all kinds of positives but  I am preparing myself physically and mentally for what is to come of my life. I could write about exactly what I am feeling but that might run a little long. Have you ever felt fear and excitement at the same time?  I am at the edges of a great new life right now and the time seems to move so slowly the closer I get to the conclusion. If you do not already know I am pushing for a shipboard job on a cruise ship. I am so prepared its crazy. I have done so much research; I have read so many good and bad things about cruise ships and working life on them as well. I have been preparing myself to leave Illinois. Next week I will not be posting, I will be on an interview putting all of my efforts to the test. WHEN I am hired I will not be posting much at all but I will write of my new journey when I can. My new career choice will require a lot of my time, but when I can write I will. Up With Marc may turn into a journal of my travels, I guess we will wait and see. In a way this blog is already a journal of my travels, through life. Stepping into new things and changing your life around can be scary. I would be lying if I said I was not scared. I have realistic fears that actually strengthen my attitude. Life has brought me here and I am not going to step down from where I am meant to be. I am prepared for this interview, I am prepared to start the job, I am prepared to move away from home. I am prepared to leave all who I know here and meet more amazing people. I have a feeling that life is going to go speed up and by fast very soon. I have a feeling I will love what I am doing and I will dive into a whole new set of challenges. It is no matter because I am PREPARED!


Follow me here and on my Facebook to see what may stir up next. I can’t wait!

THIS I WILL DO (Happy New Year)

All around the world people will be celebrating the New Year. Happy New Year to everyone. We all should have New Year resolutions. Everyone should have achievable resolutions. I write to you on the first day of the New Year about mine and may you find inspiration through these words.

My life has been shifting. The feelings of positivism grow stronger within me every day. I used to think my life was hard, I used to blame my past for my present. I was wrong. Today I realize, I will fail, I will fall, I will make mistakes, I will get lazy, I will lose important people, I will get lonely, I will be challenged, But I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! I will succeed, I will rise when I fall, I will learn from my mistakes, I will take needed rest, I will meet new people, I shall cherish those in my company and I will encourage the hardest challenges to get exactly where my life is meant to be.

I Have 3 main objectives in my life right now and a list to achieving each one; find a cruise ship job, fulfill milestones with my blog and efforts toward motivational speaking. There will be a day when all of these fall together with great purpose, but for now I must choose one. The world around me is coming together and showing me how close I am to getting a shipboard cruise ship job, and this I will do. This I will not give up on. My fingers are ready to turn the page on this new chapter of my life. I am setting aside many things in my life for this but through participation of this venture I shall receive so much more in return.

My New Year’s resolution is to get a shipboard cruise ship job as soon as possible. One of many goals! I look back upon this year only with smiles. I have met so many good people, I have done so many new things and I have accomplished so much with myself. I am a very goal oriented person and over Christmas I decided to share this notion with my family. I created chalk boards that simply say “This I Will do,” with simple instructions to chalk on them with short term goals. You can easily make these for yourself out of dry erase boards or just a piece of paper if you don’t want to do a chalk board. Put it in a place where you will look at it every day and when you achieve the goal write a new one. Just this simple thing will add so much success in your life. I have 4 boards of my own of different varieties, but I will show you the ones I created for my family.

Untitled-is I will do1

I rest and work in the shadows of my sanctuary. I can write words of failure, and thrive to wake again. My confidence lies waiting in the dark. The sun shall rise over me and grant me everything I never gave up of myself. I am original, I will remain original. I fear not, the blunders of my mistakes. I stand taller than the stars over all my challenges. I will lie upon the highest peaks and failure will be my foot holes to the top.

I leave you with a song from my favorite band that I have recently been inspired by.

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