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Figure It Out

It is very inspiring what we can discover through hard times. We just have to be open to receive the messages within the challenges of change in our lives. Positivism, gratitude, empathy and progress should be our main focus to figuring out each of our lives.

Meme Monday (Gratitude 4)

Gratitude 4

DAY 23: I am grateful for the internet. It allows me to find everything I need and share everything I want.



31 Days of Gratitude. Check out my Facebook page ( participate, like my page and share it with your friends. Let the world know what you are grateful for.


The 3 most important things in life

The 3 most important things in life are communication, empathy and gratitude.


In all successful parts of life you need good communication. From your boss to your spouse, you need to have a good send and receive between every important person in your life. With all the new technology we have this day in age; so many things can be misunderstood in too many ways. Also if you cannot be honest in saying something to someone what is the point of having them in your life? It is so easy to keep the lines of communication open with anyone all you have to do is talk and listen. The most obvious and best communication is face to face. This way you leave very little to be misunderstood.

The biggest and most important communication is with yourself. Listen to your body and listen to your heart. When your sick don’t ignore it and when you are happy let yourself feed off of that happiness. It is always wise to listen to your heart it will always tell you far greater things then your brain. When you are listening to yourself you can certainly be successful with anything you want out of life.


Something I seem to have naturally done most of my life is being empathetic. Showing empathy is so important. How can you be fair in any situation without putting yourself in other people’s shoes? Empathy is the heart of solving almost any problem. It really makes you realize how little of a problem some things are. With empathy you are easily able to express sympathy and more compassion toward others as well. Not only can you avoid physical arguments with empathy you can also help others through tough situations in their lives.


Only a few years ago I really fully understood gratitude and its importance. I did a 30 day gratitude challenge (something more valuable then that Facebook one going around) and it really changed my perspective of how I think. You can get so much more out of life with a little gratitude. We should be grateful for every opportunity we have in our lives. The things you work really hard for are super easy to be grateful about, but it is the simple things you need to be grateful for in your life as well. Everything you send out comes back. If you are grateful for something you are just tossing positive in the air, positivism that will certainly come back to you in some shape or form.


Does anyone see the connections here? If you have no gratitude for things and people in your life, chances are you carry no empathy for those things also. None of this can be revealed without communication. Don’t get sucked into any miscommunication all it becomes is a whirlpool of problems, if you cannot put yourself in the same view as others I guarantee you will not be a very likable person, and if you have no gratitude for the small things and people in your life you are just robbing yourself of much needed positive energy.

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