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Focus On Your Life


I have finished my first book this month called “Black Hole Focus”, by Isaiah Hankel PhD. So many great life changing ideas in this book and it is not ironic that the one thing I want to share with you involves the Ideas of focus.

Isaiah talks about the ideas of a black hole. It is not so much that things fall into a black hole and disappear but more so things fall into a black hole and change. In our lives we fall into holes and we do not disappear do we? The Idea behind change is to emerge from the holes in life changed for the better.

That was at the very beginning of the book and now I want to skip right to the end.
“Do it all. Have a whatever-it-takes mentality”, says Isaiah. He is right, go after everything you can in life. Learn as much as possible, not as fast as possible but as efficient as possible. There are those of us who have a focus on life that is too small, with that you are not giving your life much expectation to be amazing. On the other hand it is actually harmful to have to big of a focus as you give your life less time to really get to know the true potential. To add more value to your life you need to narrow your focus and you really will start to discover your purpose. That is what “Black Hole Focus” is all about, finding a more meaningful purpose to your life and all the whys to follow.

Your goals are important in life but you do not want too many at one time. What are your main goals, your biggest goals? Now focus on those and what it is going to take to achieve the big goals by using smaller goals to step your way to the top.

The new book I started reading is called “Everything Happens For A reason”, by Mira Kirshenbaum. It is a collection of stories that are explaining the meaning behind all the things, good and bad, that happen in your life.

Bottom line for today’s post is, go after everything you want in life. No matter if you succeed or fail, all your goals have a specific reason in your life. That’s enough motivation to push on and go after great things in your life. You have nothing to lose but the thought of not trying.

Score A Goal

Your objective in soccer is to score a goal and to get ahead, to win the game. The same goes for your life; Get ahead, achieve your goal(s), and win at life!

Isn’t that what we all want, to win at life? If you are not ahead and you are not winning, you need to find the motivation to get back in the game. All my life I would refer to parts of it as not a game. Today I say everything is a game. Everyone one you meet is part of your winning team for the game. Everything you learn is part of the strategy to your next move. Every goal you achieve you put yourself ahead to winning the game.

Let me turn that around for a minute. If you do not set and make goals in your life you will never get ahead, you will never win. I mean written down, daily viewed by you, goals to reach for everyday. If you don’t have or meet your goals you start losing the game. If you are not learning new things and trying new strategies you are just walking aimlessly through your life. Then you hold yourself back and you are meeting less and less people. This is the way to lose your game, to lose your life.

In a Soccer game they workout, they train, they mix with new players, they work on new strategies, and all for the one moment under the lights to join their team and make the goal and win the game.  In life you need to put your efforts in, you need to network with other people. When one way does not work don’t  back down, keep pushing forward and find another way. Know your goals and always reach for them with all the help you can get.

Life is like a game because you need a team, you can’t do it alone. Imagine you are  on one side of the soccer field by yourself and the other team has 11 players. What are your chance of getting the ball, and getting past 11 players to score a goal? NONE. Same goes in life. Find people to help you blaze your trail and support your efforts. Find people that know people that are where you want to be in life and connect with them constantly. Let people help you find your way through life’s field. When you finally see your goals keep shooting, and never stop till you score. When you do score celebrate and start setting up for your next goal.

Life is a game but you need to make sure you are in the right one. That is were it gets tough if you get in the wrong game you are playing on the wrong field going the wrong direction. There is no winning combination there. It is like a soccer team showing up to an empty stadium because they are at the wrong field. You can’t win if you are not showing up in the right places.

Your family is a game, your friendships are a game, your relationship is a game, your job is a game, everything is a game. The problem we all have is when your playing a game all the team members need to be on the same team working together. If you don’t love the game your playing in any part of your life what is stopping you from finding a new team?

“Put your cleats on, get out in your life and score some goals.”

Your goal today is not to follow my BLOG and like my FACEBOOK, but to share my BLOG and my FACEBOOK with your friends. Be part of my team, in a game were we can help each other though anything to stay positive.

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