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Meme Monday (More Coming)

wave break

When you sit and watch the waves, one after another comes into shore and breaks, but they just keep coming. No matter the size, big or small, they just keep coming. Now apply this to your life. Good things are coming to us all the time. Sometimes these good things may not last as long as you like, but you should always know that there are more good things coming your way. Before the best things in your life break make sure you have gotten the most out of it, before it washes away. With wave after wave of good things you should do nothing but love every part of your life.

On Wednesday I will talk a little bit about one of the books I am reading to fulfill my reading goals for May!


Variety Friday (Kelly Clarkson)

Kelly Clarkson, “Catch My Breath”

“…no one can hold me back, I ain’t got time for that.”

What a great and inspiring song. As we work hard in life, we sometimes need to catch our breath and we become stronger. When you mature in a positive direction you realize how valuable your time is. I love my life and I am grateful that everything I put into this world I get back. So much is going on in my life that sometimes I need to take a step back and catch my breath. What are some great things you want in your life? Do you need to catch your breath going after them?

Have a great weekend, I love all of you. Let the Gratitude spread.

Variety Friday (Attitude)

Digging through old pics I found this from about 5 years ago. I was a Graphic Designer at a very big sign shop, and the salesman would give me these Change Notice papers on their projects. Some of them were coming to me with a bad attitude so I wrote this change notice of my own and put it on the front of my monitor so when they came to see me they saw my sign. Needless to say it worked!

Nobody deserves your bad attitude that was caused somewhere else. Love life and all the people in it. Try making yourself happy instead of making everyone else miserable. Be ultra positive, be amazing, be GREAT!

variety friday

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to share my blog with your friends.

William James, Famous Quote Friday


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

William James

Just awesome! Given this is the first famous quote of the New Year, William James’s words seemed very appropriate. My friend actually showed me this quote just yesterday, and I instantly through my other quote aside.

William James was an American Philosopher, Psychologist, and Physician. He was one of the leading thinkers of the 19th century, and one of the most influential philosophers of all time. Perhaps his discovery is one of the greatest of all time. It puts so much reality into perspective. If each one of us believed in ourselves and carried a better attitude, can you imagine how that would alter the entire world as a whole? With ourselves it is so simple, you want a good life have a good attitude. This is precisely what I have been working on, I am trying to carry a more positive life style and I am filling it with positivism. Things come to me easier and easier as I gain more and more confidence in my attitude. I am on a quest to love everything in life and with the right attitude I will.

What kind of attitude will you take into 2014 with you?

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Famous Quote Friday Lady Gaga

“Celebrate all the things you don’t like about yourself – love yourself.”
Lady Gaga

I was not a big fan of Lady Gaga, her Image, or her music from the start. But now I respect all of them. Getting to know her a little more outside of the spotlight I realize she is just being herself. Her originality is eccentric and beautiful.

Her quote speaks to me so much. We all have things we do not like about ourselves. But do we ask ourselves why? We need to improve ourselves everyday. We need to embrace our faults and love ourselves for who we are. Lady Gaga could not have said it better. Celebrate who you are and love it.

Can you think of anything you don’t particularly like about yourself? Try to love that part of you and just let everything else fall into place.

Love yourself, love your weekend and love your life.

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Find Your Free Spirit

I hope that everyone knows what a free spirit is? It is all about being yourself and listening to your heart, and someone with a unique attitude or lifestyle. Always listen to your heart and positivism will flow through your life so easily. Can you imagine a world were everyone is being themselves and thinking from their heart, being a free spirit? Can you imagine a world where everyone excepts everyone else’s differences? PEACE!

Peace a free spirit and positivism start with being ourselves.

Do the things you want to do. If you want to sing out loud in the shower DO IT! If you want to go to a movie and can’t find someone to go with, go by yourself. If you want that weird t-shirt buy it and wear it as much as you want. You want to color out side the lines, play a game you love but you are no good at, try an exotic food, write a book, start a blog, or anything, DO IT! All these things are messages from your heart to your mind. What do you have to lose by listening to these messages from within and acting on them?

Embraces your personality and your looks. They are yours and no one else. Originality is beautiful. You can call yourself weird and annoying and love every bit of it! I guarantee we all do things that label us as weird or annoying to others, but that does not matter. Our heart will always tell us to do them more or to stop. Just listen to your heart. Media has such a heavy influence on our personality and looks just stop listening to it. If your friends are telling you that you need make up on or that you need to stop acting like you are, THOSE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.

Being yourself you will attract two great kinds of people. People that have similar interests and people that respect your interests. When you find people with both traits those are called best friends, significant others, or siblings.

Go out and find yourself, find peace and feed your free spirit. Positivism will fill your heart then your mind and then your body. You will resonate that positivism to others and those two kinds of people will find you and you will find them. Love your life and find those that love you for it. Find your free spirit.

Famous Quote Friday

I have decided to stick with love.
Hate is too great a burden to bear.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.



Sometimes it may seem quite difficult to stick with love when so much hate is pushed on to you. It will take an eternity to understand why that love sinks so deep, but  just accept it. For those that take the burden of hatred they stray from the path that leads to a longer, better life. You can forgive the burden of hate but to wash away love from your life, as hard as it may seem at times, is impossible. Love is on your side, except it in any form no matter how little or how much, fore it sinks deeper than hate and lasts a life time. Show no hate, and love will arise more abundantly in your life. As you already know  I am on a quest to love everything in life. The things that draw hatred or negativity naturally fall short or disappear in my life leaving only the good and the true to shine through even on the cloudiest of day.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

Replacement Words

Replacing words for a more positive life.

Back in my younger days I was always saying things like: No, I don’t know, I don’t care, whatever. I have a whole family that can certainly attest to these continued phrases out of my mouth, but my friends cannot. Why not my friend, you are probably wondering? I had no friends. My negative attitude was the main reason for that. Now if you read in the earlier parts of my blog you can certainly see a little bit of my back ground. Feel free to check out some of my earliest post if you want! For now let’s talk about some positive words.


How many people were expecting that to be my first word? It is the easiest word of all positive words out there. Yes is all about taking action, taking responsibility, taking chances, accepting your challenges, accepting your mistakes, moving forward, embracing the people you love, and embracing the opportunities in your life. This is not all rocket science for sure, this is basic stuff. Sometimes the simplest of advice you need to read about or be told to take action on it in your own life. Add  the word yes more into your life and see the changes! Yes I can, yes I will, yes I did, yes I’ll try again,YES!


This really just names a few. I did a post a few months back called “Do Away With OK”. how many times a day do you hear and say the word OK? to many I am sure. Try to be more honest with yourself and others and start using the more descriptive words. If you had an awesome day tell us, tell the world it was awesome, not just OK! Get more involved in your life, get more excited about your life, and get others more excited about your life too.


This seems to be a tough thing for a lot of people. As most of you may already know I am on a never ending amazing quest to love and find the positives in everything in life. Some of you may laugh and deem it not possible but really none of us are ever going to know the truth unless we keep trying. I used to say I would be ready to die at the age of 85, but now I want to live forever. There are so many things in this world to fall in love with besides our significant other and family and friends. My dying wish should I every even need one, ha, is to pass on with a smile, to know that I found as much good in this world as I possibly could. That is a hefty goal but I am well on my way, I discover new things that I love daily, and still appreciate the things I already love. I Love my family, my friend, and my job. Sure these are all basic but how many of you actually break your day down. I love my work out, I love the cottage cheese and pineapple I just ate, I love my clean bedroom, I love this blog, I love my new hat and I love that I have the day off work today. We can even find love in simpler things than those. I love that I have a place to sleep, I love that I can eat, I love that I can drive, and I LOVE THAT I WAKE UP EVERY MORNING. We should all be grateful for everything in our lives and we should all be comfortable saying “I love you” to one another in any circumstance. We should all be comfortable to express the other things in our lives as well. I love everything. Try to express the things you love in life to yourself and others.

Can these 3 things change your life? Well I am not a miracle worker but these simple things brought me to where I stand today. So YES I LOVE MY EXCELLENT LIFE! Do you love yours? start making it more positive today and see how each day starts getting better. Fill your life with more positive words and filter out the negative ones.

Here is a cool article about replacing negative words with positive words.


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