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Fight For Good

When everything in your life seems to have died there is still plenty of good worth fighting for. Sometimes it is a challenge to stay positive, but I say it is worth that challenge.

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Staying Positive Around Negative People

How often do you find yourself surrounded by negative people, people complaining all the time, or people that always seem to bring you down? Maybe you are asking yourself, “am I too positive”? Not a chance. Not one person has ever said in a serious manner that I am too positive. Being too positive does not exist in my opinion, it is merely an observation of someone that is certainly thinking negatively. There are many ways to stay positive around negative people!

You can attempt to understand what they are saying. Try and pinpoint what is bothering them. You may find that a lot of people complain and are negative just out of habit. There could very well be nothing wrong, it is so easy for humans in general to be negative. Being positive all the time certainly takes some effort. In an effort to stay positive around those that do like to complain, just give them the benefit of the doubt that there intentions are really not to be negative. But if it is something that continues it may be worthwhile to lightly say something to the person about it.

One of the main things you don’t want to do is take the negative words or actions personally. Directed at you or not, negativity is all about selfishness. Therefore it is really just directed at themselves and complaining for their own sake. You can certainly have some understanding for them. No need to knock them down any farther or make them any more angry. One key to remember, it is far worse to actually be that negative person then to be around them.

Above all do not encourage the negative behavior. Forgive them and show them some gratitude. There is no one situation where it is completely negative. You will always find Positives and if they cannot see them you know very well that you can! Try to show them those positives. Don’t open the flood gates of positivism, just let it trickle in and see if it catches.

It is super important to have a positive relationship with your spouse, your family, your coworkers, and your friends. If there is not a positive relationship you need to seek help or just walk away from it. Don’t forget excuses are negative too.

Being positive is a choice that not all of us choose. We have to respect that all of us are different. We can not in any healthy way control the person but we can control how we respond to them.

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