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Meme Monday (Something Wonderful)


When you meet someone just assume right off the bat that they are going to be amazing. Give the person their own chance to show you if they are wonderful or not. First judgement is not always the right judgement, but you should not judge! Nobody is perfect and you should accept them for who they are.

This reading month is going well. I have really gotten myself in the habit of wanting to read everyday. It helps when you are reading something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy what you are reading put it down and find something else. No one is telling you that you have to finish. The book I am reading now is awesome. It is called “Everything Happens For A Reason,” by Mira Kirshenbaum. I will tell you a little more about the book on Wednesday!


Blog Gratitude

My very first blog post was August 29th 2012.

“Today I start a new life. A life where the good will remain and the bad shall travel in a different lane. Working up the motivation and courage to start this has been a long thought process, so in light of getting a good nights rest I shall tell my story the next time I post.”

I am so grateful for this entire blogging experience. I am getting my ideas out there, my writing is getting better, I am finding more inspiration, and meeting new amazing people. 253 posts later it is great to see what I have become, and what I have overcome. I have met people from all over the world and my blog has been viewed in 116 countries, and I have traveled to places I never thought I would be. The best part is there are so many more great things and people to meet as well as places to visit. This blog has proven to be the best journey of my entire life and it only leads to more great things.

Grateful for my blog journey and everything I have done and who I have met along the way! This journey never ends and I love every minute of it!

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