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Meme Monday (Gratitude 5)

Gratitude 5

It’s a long one but a good one. Be yourself and be grateful for that!

Day 30 of 31 Days of Gratitude. Check out my Facebook page ( participate, like my page and share it with your friends. Let the world know what you are grateful for.

Selena Gomez FQF

“Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone, don’t be someone else just be yourself.”
Selena Gomez

Everyone knows Selena Gomez. Started out on “Barney and Friends” and now she is a famous actress, singer and fashion designer. She is 21 now and I wish I could date when she was quoted. Her words are so undemanding but very profound at the same time. Receiving what you want, getting where you want to be and being with who you want can all certainly fall under simply being yourself. What better person to be though? Originality is so important. For me I don’t want to be defined as part of a stereotyped group of people, I want to be defined as Marc Meyer! In this case I would much like to be seeping through every way possible of who I am! Positivism is taking over my life and I just want to share it with others. Some can’t handle the ultra positivism but those that can continue to motivate me again and again.


Who out there are we trying to impress and for what reason? If you are impressing people by doing something that is not in your nature you realize you have to keep doing that? Are you willing to keep doing something that you don’t feel 100% about just for the sake of your image? You want people to enjoy who you are when you are not even trying. Build up your friends, followers and audience with your own thoughts,  actions and interests. This concept of being yourself is so simple and so easy, I am not sure why people choose to follow the paths of others.


Be yourself today and every day. Make a lasting impression on the world with your life! Stand out by being original not someone we already know. LOVE YOUR LIFE, treat it as such!


This is my 99th post, I am so excited for the post I have lined up for Wednesday, my 100th post! be sure to check it out.

Famous Quote Friday

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Dr. Seuss

Always being yourself is so important. The more you try to be someone you are not the more you have to continue being someone you are not. Sure change in our lives or in ourselves is good but it should be something that happens naturally. All throughout my life I can feel myself evolve. I feel myself changing, and for the better too. The only thing that has not changed and will never is my heart. I will always be caring, I will always be helping others, and I will always be trying my best in everything I do. Being positive, and helping others at all times is etched in my brain and even if that were to change today those who  do matter most in my life will never mind. The friend base I have build has been phenomenal. The support I have with my family is so amazing. My new job has shown me the most positive environment I have ever seen. There is always someone around when I need to share a new Idea, or when I just need to vent. As busy as I am with work at the moment, I do not see much of my friends and family, but they all understand and support what I am reaching for in life.


Bonus Quote:

“My heart is still with everyone I love and support, but my body is climbing higher than it has ever been.”


I am going to be a positive motivational speaker, and those that know me best know that I will never give up and I will get there. The support I have with family, friends, coworkers and networking is the biggest safety net I have ever seen. The more people I add to it the less likely any of them are going to let me fall too far. I only hope every person I know, knows I would do the same for them. Helping others has been a staple in my whole life, and over time my attitude for helping others keeps maturing. Above all else I am who I am because it is who I want to be, ORIGINAL!


Being positive is not just all about crushing negatives, and finding the good in everything. We can all be taught how to be positive. We all can smile, we all have it in us to be positive, we all have it in us to succeed. The one thing that may hold us back is trying to be someone we are not. Part of a positive lifestyle is standing by the things we love in life. Don’t do things because others think it is cool, do them because with all our heart we want to. If someone disagrees with something that we are passionate about that person is not important to our future. There is a difference between accepting and disagreeing. Obviously we as well as others are going to try to keep important people in our life from doing stupid things or something that is not safe but that is okay. If we are happy and we are making others happy why not continue what it is that we are doing.

Search for what makes you happy, search for the things that are positive in your life. Above all else try your best to BE YOURSELF, that is the best person you can be.

Some random stuff about me for fun!

-I love Gothic Music

-I love Brussels sprouts and asparagus

-I love Spelunking and Whitewater rafting

-I love that I am not afraid to cry

-I love randomly changing my looks (day to day)

-I love dressing up as females for Halloween (favorite holiday)

-I love Frank Sinatra and Ludacris

-I live by the Scout Oath and Law (Forever Eagle)

-I love my made up Granola Bar Diet! (I have lost 40+lbs)

-I live to help others always

-I love rabbits

-I love the color pink

-I love being ultra positive and smiling

-I love all varieties of the show Law & Order

-I design creative cakes

-I am a huge soccer fan

-I write my own quotes (despite by definition I cannot call them quotes)

-I Love Hugs (handshakes are not as awesome)

-I love saying “you want me” to everyone (

So that is enough. There are so many random things about me, I could keep going for a while. The thing is, I stand tall about the things I love in life and I am not afraid to show off my originality. I can certainly be weird at times but people that know me best accept that!

Bonus Quote for today:

“Originality and positivism is not all about doing what everyone else is, or what everyone else is telling you to do. It is not about definitions. It is about being your true self, it is about finding the positives in every part of your lives, pointing out other peoples positives, and being grateful for everything along the way.”

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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