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Be Prepared

My mind is off topic right now. I mean I am still stirring around all kinds of positives but  I am preparing myself physically and mentally for what is to come of my life. I could write about exactly what I am feeling but that might run a little long. Have you ever felt fear and excitement at the same time?  I am at the edges of a great new life right now and the time seems to move so slowly the closer I get to the conclusion. If you do not already know I am pushing for a shipboard job on a cruise ship. I am so prepared its crazy. I have done so much research; I have read so many good and bad things about cruise ships and working life on them as well. I have been preparing myself to leave Illinois. Next week I will not be posting, I will be on an interview putting all of my efforts to the test. WHEN I am hired I will not be posting much at all but I will write of my new journey when I can. My new career choice will require a lot of my time, but when I can write I will. Up With Marc may turn into a journal of my travels, I guess we will wait and see. In a way this blog is already a journal of my travels, through life. Stepping into new things and changing your life around can be scary. I would be lying if I said I was not scared. I have realistic fears that actually strengthen my attitude. Life has brought me here and I am not going to step down from where I am meant to be. I am prepared for this interview, I am prepared to start the job, I am prepared to move away from home. I am prepared to leave all who I know here and meet more amazing people. I have a feeling that life is going to go speed up and by fast very soon. I have a feeling I will love what I am doing and I will dive into a whole new set of challenges. It is no matter because I am PREPARED!


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Zig Ziglar Famous Quote Friday

“Anything worth doing was worth doing poorly – until I could learn to do it well.”

Zig Ziglar


Such great words from one of the greatest motivational speakers ever. I think I said this before but I will say it again; Zig Ziglar, up until the day he passed away was reading 3 hours a day. That is impressive but that is also how he was able to impress all of us!

There are many things we want to try in life. For some of us there are many things we try and don’t do very well.  There are many of us who will give up and move on. Been there done that, tried it now it time to move on to something new. How many of you have done really poorly with something you truly love doing? Maybe you are terrible at golf but you absolutely love the game. Maybe you just graduated college and you are having trouble in your first career job. You are doing poorly but you have that drive to not give up! Don’t give up, stick it out and try again and again. Try it as many times as you need to until you learn to do it well.

I used to be terrible at grammar; you may be treated to some of those errors in my post today. 🙂 I keep writing though. The more I write the better I get. I don’t have to be full of myself to see through time and over 100 posts later that my writing is improving. I am enjoying writing and more and more people seem to enjoy it as well. With this blog experience I just jumped right in. I know more people are going to respect and get more out of my writing with perfect grammar, but until I reach a point of perfection this will have to do. You know that perfection can never be achieved right? The great thing to be motivated by this is, there is always something to improve on, something you can do better. “Practice makes perfect”, just as we have heard all our lives and perfection is what you make of it. Perfection is not a stopping point, it is a milestone for what it coming up next.

Think about it, what are you doing in your life right now that needs improvement? Are you willing to keep doing it until you see improvements? Are you willing to keep doing it if you do not see improvements right away? This is one of my new all time favorite quotes and I hope it is something you can use in your life as well.

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This weekend I am going rock climbing with the Boy Scouts. I am not very graceful or skilled with it yet but I am going to do it again and again anyways. I do have plenty of motivation, I love Boy Scouts, I love my troop, and I was never known to quit. A lot of  the boys look up to me and I need to set an example for them to not give up on things they love in their lives.

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