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Food, Blood and Good Luck

Yesterday gratitude warmed my body as I stepped out into our – 4 temperatures here in Illinois. I am sitting in my car as it warms up and I can’t help but think about all the people that don’t have a warm place to sleep like I do. As I say “I love the cold weather,” those that I am thinking about are way stronger then I am. I have a house and a bed to sleep in and I don’t have to go out in this cold weather if I do not want to. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad but when you are sitting around your table for Christmas dinner take a moment and be grateful for where you are and what you have.

It is too cold to snow! Has anyone heard this before? I had believed in this idea and it makes sense, but on my way to work that all changed. I am listening to some peaceful music taking my routine route to work and I realize little white crystals falling on my windshield as I stop at the traffic light. It is snowing and it was – 4 out. It was coming down so calm and beautiful. Shortly after I noticed the snow I glanced to side to see the activities of 2 playful squirrels dancing around the tree. One of the little squirrel buddies was black. It is not very common around here to see a black squirrel. Some have never seen one and some don’t even believe they exist around here. Yesterday marks the 4th time I have seen a black squirrel just this year. Each time they have brought me good luck and good days. Yesterday was a good day indeed. How many people believe in good luck charms? I think perhaps others may be finding good luck from our black squirrel friends. Check this out, Black Squirrel, unavailable! If anyone can find me a black squirrel plush animal please show me where to get it! 🙂 Nonetheless yesterday was a very productive day, I learned a lot and experienced something new.

With Christmas being TODAY, I would just like to share my experience volunteering at the food pantry this past weekend. We were handing out Christmas dinners donated by members of the church. It is cool to see all the little extras people put in there boxes for the people to take home. The volunteering is of all age levels, kids and adults alike. When you go enough times you really start to get to know those people helping out. I have gone enough times to be able to guide new people in what we do during food pantry days, but there are many there that go way more than I. You start to get to know those that you see receiving these meals as well. Every single individual, couple or family is so grateful for what is offered. It really sheds a lot of positivism in the air. 3 individuals stood out to me the most this time. I could certainly write about each person but I’ll stick to these 3. The first was a middle aged lady that insisted on making eye contact with each person down the line to say thank you and Merry Christmas. An older gentleman did the same thing but he wanted to shake everyone’s hand too. The last one was very touching; this old lady slowly came in by herself, she only had one arm. Extended from that arm was a cane to help her walk. So many thoughts came through my head. What happened, why is she by herself and no one came in with her? I made eye contact and she smiled and I smiled bigger back. “Mame you are all set, the kids (that were lined up waiting to help) will help you bring everything out.” That smile was all I needed to find a little more meaning in this holiday. Now when you are at home munching on your 12 varieties of cookies realize those in our world that don’t have that opportunity and I guarantee every bite will be taken a little more slowly and taste even better.

Outside the food pantry small opportunities for acts of kindness have filled many of my days. Countless times I have give food to homeless people on my lunch hour. One time I just gave some guy my entire lunch. I have stopped and helped in many accidents or break downs. The other night I help a deer with a broken leg. It was sad that it had happened and he may not survive but at least I gave the deer a better chance by getting it out of the middle of the street and calling the authorities (I waited till they got there). Also, every time I went to the store I tried to pay in cash so I could give my change to the Salvation Army. On one occasion this girl was not wearing anything Christmas like so I went inside and I bought her a Santa hat, I hope she wore it! These are all just morsels of kindness. I hope that in my future I can continue to help and maybe even on a bigger scale.

Last but not least I wanted to share something with you guys that I got in the mail the other day.


I have been donating regularly for a couple years now!

Well I think that is enough for today! Merry Christmas and I will have another post for you on New Years. In the meantime please share this with your friends and family and LIKE my Facebook page.


Winston Churchill Famous Quote Friday

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”

Winston Churchill 

Winston was a British statesman, soldier, journalist, historian, author, painter and so much more. He was an inspiration during political and war times as well. Winston had issues with his speaking. He stuttered, and had a lisp, both of which he overcame with time and determination.

Winston went through many challenges in his life, as do any of us. The outcome of life’s challenges define who we are, who we want to be and who we will be in the future. If you are going through hard times in your life, if you are going through hell, you have to keep going. You have to do what it takes and you will in time get where you want to be. When all seems hopeless you need not give up, fore the ends of all your journeys are merely rewards with new more amazing ones. You will make it thru everything if you tell yourself simply that you can.

You will encounter challenges and if you do not give up you will succeed. This weekend, smile through your challenges don’t let them beat you, no matter how big or small they are. Is there anyone with unique challenges that would like to share a short story of how they overcame them?

Please share this blog with those who are going through challenges or anyone. Encourage them to just keep going! Have a great weekend and thank you in advance for sharing my blog. ( don’t forget you can utilize the links below to share)



All our lives we meet amazing people and see amazing things. Several years ago today Michael Morris simply wanted to brighten peoples day on his birthday for just $1. His time with us was short but beautiful. I was not fortunate enough to meet this wonderful person Michael but I was however lucky to meet his sister Andi Morris who is building something wonderful, in Michaels memory, to brighten peoples days. I will be brightening peoples day today and Andi would be eternally grateful for others who participate as well. Andi is carrying out a tradition that has grown so much in such a short time.



Andi MorrisWrites:

In honor of Mike’s birthday, we will be continuing a tradition that he started. He called his event “Free Love One Dollar” and it was simply a means to brighten a stranger’s day. Participation is easy:

***Get some $1 bills (even if you can only afford 1!)
***Get an envelope for each dollar and decorate it (You should probably include the phrase Free Love One Dollar or in memory of Mike Morris or both and/or other encouraging words and pictures, so people understand the dollar is there to make them smile)
***Take the dollar in the envelope and place it on a car’s windshield. Some ideas for venues are hospital parking lots, nursing home parking lots, churches, etc. The possibilities are endless, but there are a few places to avoid: mailboxes (that’s a felony), private property, illegal things 😛
***Take pictures! Make it fun, bring lots of people, race each other, smile 🙂
***Post pics and share stories

We are encouraging EVERYONE to invite ANYONE!!! This event is to share love in the memory of Mike. He would love to see everyone celebrate his day with happiness and sharing love with anyone and everyone, just as he always did. This can be a HUGE event! Invite friends in other states and countries to share the fun on September 25 🙂


In loving memory of Michael Jason Morris
September 25, 1979 – June 5, 2012

Free Love One Dollar

66145_525689894174329_1884116978_n 223160_367533659989954_1258931755_n

This is last minute notice for some of you but as you can see it is super easy if you would like to participate.

Let us all brighten someone’s day today and have fun doing it!

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