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Positivism In All Traditions

We all have traditions with our family, our friends and our significant others. Traditions that may be carried out during a special occasion or over a holiday. Traditions provide a positive level of comfort in our lives. Traditions give us great experiences to look forward to. Traditions strengthen the bonds we have with one another.

With that being said let me change it up! I am certain that all of us have a tradition that we do not care much for. Right? Something silly our parents or grandparents do. Something silly your spouse makes you do. Traditions are an important part of our lives and I think many of us take for granted the ones that we do not care much for. Not all traditions are positive to each individual but we must not forget who the tradition is most important to.

As humans we commonly  resist doing things that make us uncomfortable. Sometimes those uncomfortable rituals we partake in can have so much more meaning when you are involved and so hurtful when you are not. With many holidays approaching there is going to be many traditions carried out and even new ones forming. Take a moment and think about those traditions you don’t care for……Challenge yourself and approach them with a positive attitude. Don’t pay attention to how you feel but pay attention to how the person you are doing it for feels.  You are going to make them smile, you are going to make them happy. You are sending them positive vibes of acceptance instead of negative resistance. In return you can feel the joy and gratitude from them. Doing things for other people is very satisfying is it not? The feelings of happiness you receive from doing something for someone you love is unmatchable.

The next time you are faced with that traditional dish you don’t care for, EAT IT anyways. The next time that song comes on that your whole family sings, CHIME IN. The next time that traditional game comes out, PLAY IT. Embrace those traditions you don’t enjoy for the sake of those you love and the positivism will be spread through everyone.

I know a few traditions that I don’t totally care much for but this time I choose to approach them with a more positive attitude. What traditions do you have a hard time with? It is time to change that. Choose to look at them with a more positive perspective.

Thank you all so much for your loyal following. I enjoy your support, your likes, your comments, your blogs and your feedback. I hope to build traditions with this blog and I hope to keep it going for a long time. If you want, you can help me with this in 2 easy ways: Sharing this blog with others and also sharing your thoughts with me.  Enjoy the rest of your day, I will see you Friday for Famous Quote Friday!



Remember me ranting about, “practice what you preach”? I have been going thru some trying times the past couple weeks and I am not out of the woods yet but I will tell you what! It pays to have good people in your life. Things are staking up on the negative side, and I am getting a little overwhelmed, but I have so many people willing to keep me on the right side of life.

You know what? Those negatives have the potential to take over no matter who you are. But, I am confident in the army of wonderful people in my life. A good number of people to smack me across the face and just tell me to snap out of it. Some of them can tell something up, bless those individuals for sure. Some of those I confide in I will spill the negative beans on the table and they just throw them to the dogs. I’ll be venting to one of them and they will be like didn’t you just write about this a few weeks ago? HA! Some of them just simply say “Marc you are being negative.” Sometimes that all I need to snap back in the positive! The humorous truth is that sometimes Negativity is so trancing that even if you tell yourself you are being negative it still does not work, but for some reason you hear the words in a another voice and it is like they are throwing light bulbs at my head. I am sure there is some scientific psychological explanation, that I would love brought to my attention. For now I’ll settle for knowing that IT WORKS!

Friends as you all know come and go all our lives. People can be in our lives for one minute and carry a memory for a life time in your heart. Others are there to support you every day you need it. I am so grateful that I have so many people that will listen when I am down and keep their hands out for the next time I fall.

My friend Erin a long time good friend has said longer then I can remember that she holds pieces of me. She spoke some very wise words about these pieces a couple weeks ago. Periodically I joke around with her and ask for my pieces back but she refuses to give them back. What a novel concept to show you care for someone. I give pieces of me out to just about everyone, it is their choice if they choose to use them in their life puzzle. I take other peoples pieces without them realizing right away, sometimes!

Basically cherish anyone that you come across in your life. I guarantee they have something good to offer and vise versa. Give them a chance and hope that they would do the same for you. The next person you see could be that piece missing from your puzzle, and it is every bit worth it to find out. Some people are meant to be, some people are meant to never leave,  some that were in your life for a long time may fade away, some you just meet and a new forever is born. Some you may miss leaving behind, some that don’t seem to fit, Some that just won’t let you have any pieces of their life.  In any scenario that works for you it is no doubt the support of friendship in all our lives is very important. They will come and go all the time. The ones that go make sure you learned something valuable before they walk away. MAKE FRIENDS WITH EVRYONE, they are more exciting then enemies

“Face it, we are all part of support groups, it is all our friendships.”

-Marc Meyer-


How much do you value your friendships?

Famous Quote Friday

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Dr. Seuss

Always being yourself is so important. The more you try to be someone you are not the more you have to continue being someone you are not. Sure change in our lives or in ourselves is good but it should be something that happens naturally. All throughout my life I can feel myself evolve. I feel myself changing, and for the better too. The only thing that has not changed and will never is my heart. I will always be caring, I will always be helping others, and I will always be trying my best in everything I do. Being positive, and helping others at all times is etched in my brain and even if that were to change today those who  do matter most in my life will never mind. The friend base I have build has been phenomenal. The support I have with my family is so amazing. My new job has shown me the most positive environment I have ever seen. There is always someone around when I need to share a new Idea, or when I just need to vent. As busy as I am with work at the moment, I do not see much of my friends and family, but they all understand and support what I am reaching for in life.


Bonus Quote:

“My heart is still with everyone I love and support, but my body is climbing higher than it has ever been.”


I am going to be a positive motivational speaker, and those that know me best know that I will never give up and I will get there. The support I have with family, friends, coworkers and networking is the biggest safety net I have ever seen. The more people I add to it the less likely any of them are going to let me fall too far. I only hope every person I know, knows I would do the same for them. Helping others has been a staple in my whole life, and over time my attitude for helping others keeps maturing. Above all else I am who I am because it is who I want to be, ORIGINAL!

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