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Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Part of our natural thought process is questioning ourselves. We have thousands of thoughts a day go through our heads and they are all questions. Think about it! You are questioning yourself right now aren’t you? What is on your mind right now? The average person can think about 4 things at one time. Now what are you asking yourself? Are you questioning how you feel? Are you questioning how you are going to finish something? Are you questioning your confidence? The possibilities of your thoughts are endless.

It is natural to ask negative questions and to ask a lot of them without realizing it. Hopefully today we can change that! We ask ourselves questions that obviously coincide with what is happening in our lives. Can I finish this on time? Will I be late? What if I can’t do this? Why can’t I get this person’s attention? Why can’t I find a job? Why can’t I save enough money for this? Why is my relationship falling apart? Why is this person pissing me off? I could keep going but I am sue many of you have experienced similar personal questioning.

Let me go through all those again for you. How can I better use my time? How can I make sure I leave earlier? What can I learn from doing this? How else can I get this person attention? How can I expand my search efforts? How can I budget to save more money? What can I do better to strengthen our relationship? I think this person is having a bad day? There is a positive to every negative question, but we need to train ourselves recognize it constantly.

Start off by paying close attention to your thoughts. When a negative thought comes out just correct yourself. The more you do this the more natural it will become to start asking the right questions to yourself. The more positive questions you put in your head the more hope you are giving yourself for a more fulfilling future.

Take this opportunity to let Anthony Robbins better explain this concept to you.

Your challenge for today is to analyze your thoughts. What kind of questions are you asking yourself? How can you learn from the negative experiences of your day?

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Tony Robbins FQF

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”
Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Jim Rohn was Tony’s Mentor. Tony began his career promoting speech events for Jim, who is one of the greatest speakers of all time. Tony Robbins seems to be stepping up to be one of the most influence speakers of our time. Some words that Tony took away from Jim Rohn who has passed away recently: “Happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life.” Talking about this quote is a whole other post! 😛


Both Tony and Jim are big influences to me. So before I get side tracked with all this awesomeness here we go with the man of the day, Tony Robbins.


When you eat better and exercise, you increase your energy levels. You physically feel better, therefore you are more productive with great things. This works the same way with a positive mind. The more you think positive the better you will feel. When you feel better or happier the easier it will be to combat the new negatives and challenges that come into your life. If you want any worthwhile results in your life you need to take care of both your body and your mind. YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOU! If you love your body and yourself, over time more great things will certainly happen. You can begin to find what you are really good at and keep getting better. If you already know what you are awesome at, it is an unwritten rule that there is always room for improvement. When you keep moving forward you may even amaze yourself.


Try to amaze yourself this weekend.

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