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She is a one of a kind. Even when you are mad at her she still loves you. Shes the most beautiful woman in your life. No matter if she is by your side, miles away, or up in heaven this wonderful lady will always be your mother. She will always love you, sometimes in ways you may not understand or except, but cherish the ways that you do.

For my mom, for the moms in my family, for the moms within my friendships, for the moms adopting me into your lives, for the new or soon to be moms, for those that may only mother their pets for the moms that have passed thru my life, for the moms I still have yet to meet, for the moms that have passed on, for the moms I may never meet, for all the moms:





Being positive is not just all about crushing negatives, and finding the good in everything. We can all be taught how to be positive. We all can smile, we all have it in us to be positive, we all have it in us to succeed. The one thing that may hold us back is trying to be someone we are not. Part of a positive lifestyle is standing by the things we love in life. Don’t do things because others think it is cool, do them because with all our heart we want to. If someone disagrees with something that we are passionate about that person is not important to our future. There is a difference between accepting and disagreeing. Obviously we as well as others are going to try to keep important people in our life from doing stupid things or something that is not safe but that is okay. If we are happy and we are making others happy why not continue what it is that we are doing.

Search for what makes you happy, search for the things that are positive in your life. Above all else try your best to BE YOURSELF, that is the best person you can be.

Some random stuff about me for fun!

-I love Gothic Music

-I love Brussels sprouts and asparagus

-I love Spelunking and Whitewater rafting

-I love that I am not afraid to cry

-I love randomly changing my looks (day to day)

-I love dressing up as females for Halloween (favorite holiday)

-I love Frank Sinatra and Ludacris

-I live by the Scout Oath and Law (Forever Eagle)

-I love my made up Granola Bar Diet! (I have lost 40+lbs)

-I live to help others always

-I love rabbits

-I love the color pink

-I love being ultra positive and smiling

-I love all varieties of the show Law & Order

-I design creative cakes

-I am a huge soccer fan

-I write my own quotes (despite by definition I cannot call them quotes)

-I Love Hugs (handshakes are not as awesome)

-I love saying “you want me” to everyone (

So that is enough. There are so many random things about me, I could keep going for a while. The thing is, I stand tall about the things I love in life and I am not afraid to show off my originality. I can certainly be weird at times but people that know me best accept that!

Bonus Quote for today:

“Originality and positivism is not all about doing what everyone else is, or what everyone else is telling you to do. It is not about definitions. It is about being your true self, it is about finding the positives in every part of your lives, pointing out other peoples positives, and being grateful for everything along the way.”

Replacement Words

Replacing words for a more positive life.

Back in my younger days I was always saying things like: No, I don’t know, I don’t care, whatever. I have a whole family that can certainly attest to these continued phrases out of my mouth, but my friends cannot. Why not my friend, you are probably wondering? I had no friends. My negative attitude was the main reason for that. Now if you read in the earlier parts of my blog you can certainly see a little bit of my back ground. Feel free to check out some of my earliest post if you want! For now let’s talk about some positive words.


How many people were expecting that to be my first word? It is the easiest word of all positive words out there. Yes is all about taking action, taking responsibility, taking chances, accepting your challenges, accepting your mistakes, moving forward, embracing the people you love, and embracing the opportunities in your life. This is not all rocket science for sure, this is basic stuff. Sometimes the simplest of advice you need to read about or be told to take action on it in your own life. Add  the word yes more into your life and see the changes! Yes I can, yes I will, yes I did, yes I’ll try again,YES!


This really just names a few. I did a post a few months back called “Do Away With OK”. how many times a day do you hear and say the word OK? to many I am sure. Try to be more honest with yourself and others and start using the more descriptive words. If you had an awesome day tell us, tell the world it was awesome, not just OK! Get more involved in your life, get more excited about your life, and get others more excited about your life too.


This seems to be a tough thing for a lot of people. As most of you may already know I am on a never ending amazing quest to love and find the positives in everything in life. Some of you may laugh and deem it not possible but really none of us are ever going to know the truth unless we keep trying. I used to say I would be ready to die at the age of 85, but now I want to live forever. There are so many things in this world to fall in love with besides our significant other and family and friends. My dying wish should I every even need one, ha, is to pass on with a smile, to know that I found as much good in this world as I possibly could. That is a hefty goal but I am well on my way, I discover new things that I love daily, and still appreciate the things I already love. I Love my family, my friend, and my job. Sure these are all basic but how many of you actually break your day down. I love my work out, I love the cottage cheese and pineapple I just ate, I love my clean bedroom, I love this blog, I love my new hat and I love that I have the day off work today. We can even find love in simpler things than those. I love that I have a place to sleep, I love that I can eat, I love that I can drive, and I LOVE THAT I WAKE UP EVERY MORNING. We should all be grateful for everything in our lives and we should all be comfortable saying “I love you” to one another in any circumstance. We should all be comfortable to express the other things in our lives as well. I love everything. Try to express the things you love in life to yourself and others.

Can these 3 things change your life? Well I am not a miracle worker but these simple things brought me to where I stand today. So YES I LOVE MY EXCELLENT LIFE! Do you love yours? start making it more positive today and see how each day starts getting better. Fill your life with more positive words and filter out the negative ones.

Here is a cool article about replacing negative words with positive words.


If this is your first time viewing my blog or if you have not looked around you should totally take a look at my past posts. You don’t have to scroll through all of them either, you can click on them by category along the left side of the blog. As always thank you all so much for following my blog.

3 goals 1 day

BONUS BLOG POST!!! I achieved some big goals today, and I wanted to share them with you.


Every morning I jump on the scale. For some, that may not be helpful, but for me it is. I have worked very hard to bring my weigh down. Eating right, exercising, and staying active. The most I have weighed was 280, that was a couple years ago. Close to the beginning of last year I was a little over 260. I had a goal to lose 20lbs, which I did. I then set a new goal to lose 20lbs more. I give myself no time frame to meet these goals but I know if I continue to eat better and exercise I will continue to see the weight drop. TODAY I MET MY GOAL OF 220LBS! I thought I would settle there but nope. I am setting a new goal to drop below 200. I am so happy that I have been losing all this weight and I am really excited to take on this next goal.


I started a new job, heck a new career about 3 weeks ago, basically at the beginning of the year. It is in Marketing and Event Planning. I absolutely love this job. Seriously the best job I have ever had. I said to myself,  only once, why did I not find this sooner, and I answered myself too. I applied for this same job maybe about 2 years ago. Did not appeal to me at all. I came across it again by accident and realized with all the changes in my life this job was perfect. Boy was I right! As in any new career you start at entry level. My goal was to become a Trainer in 3 weeks. TODAY I MET MY GOAL OF BECOMING TRAINER! Now it is on word to the pathway of Assistant Manager. There were 2 reasons I choose 3 weeks. The first one, well it was the suggested time frame to me in my interviews. I made this job my life and I am grateful to be rewarded for my efforts. The 2nd reason ties into my next goal.


On my first day in the morning meeting they talked about a Dallas trip. Interesting I thought. They said it was a trip primarily for Trainers. It is a conference in Dallas of all the top people in the company tons of success stories and speakers. It is also supposed to be a 5star experience but I was most interested in meeting and hearing the people and their stories. Only a handful of people get to go on this trip. I figure it is 3 weeks away I may as well prove of myself to attend this event! TODAY I MET MY GOAL OF GOING TO DALLAS. What to reach for next?…Well that is easy. To come back to Dallas and be up on the stage instead of in the audience. I am thrilled to be around so many positive inspiring people! I cannot even stop thinking about it. I’ll be down there this Monday and Tuesday.

For those of you new to my blog please check out the “About” tab and you will see why goal number 3 is so special for me. This Job is going to take me exactly where I want to be in my life. Every success at Exclusive Promotions is one step closer to my goals in life. When you can combine your everyday attitude, with a job you love, and combine those with where you want to be in life it is the PERFECT sign that you are going exactly where you want to be. My road is long but right now I am running. I have higher goals in mind and I WILL MET THEM. I will fall, I will get up, I will fail, I will learn, and most importantly I will achieve my goals. All of you are helping me in one way or another and I  am beyond grateful for it.

Now what will come first 20 more pounds or Assistant Manager? Who knows but there is a big list of goals that will be achieved before either one of those.


Sleep Positive

Sleep Positive

Some of us don’t really realize the power of a good night sleep! The amount of sleep you get each night certainly effects your attitude for the day.  How you go to sleep and how you wake up is a huge contributor to how much of a positive attitude you have.

When I was younger, like most people, sleep was not important to me. I wanted to do everything and sleep was keeping me from it. I’ll admit it was worth it I had tons of fun but the more I grew up, the more mature I become and the more responsibilities I was taking on in life. When I was going to bed I was thinking about the bills I have to get paid, having to go to class and work the next day and wondering if my car is going to die. I would wake up and all of those thoughts are waiting there to weigh me down. I was not waking up in a good mode at all, and I was not getting my 8 hours of sleep. My sleep patterns were keeping me from being the positive person I wanted to be. But Certainly now that has all changed. I cherish my sleep and I am grateful to go to bed happy and wake up happy!

Let me start with getting enough sleep. Always give yourself enough sleep, 6,7,8 hours, whatever you need! Personally I love my 8 hours so If I need to be up at 6am I will certainly be going to bed at 10pm the night before. It is that simple! GET ENOUGH SLEEP! We can all argue that there is not enough time in the day to do what we want. We all make time for the things that are most important. Just make, getting enough sleep, something important for you, and you will certainly make time for it.

Just getting enough sleep is not going to be enough to be a positive person it is also what you do before bed. Let your day wind down. For sure make time to sleep but don’t set yourself up to be rushing all over the place to get stuff done before you go to sleep. You need to let your body relax. Let your thoughts relax. The thoughts before you go to bed are key! Fill your head with positive thoughts be it from what has happened that day , what you are anticipating for tomorrow, or anything. Even if you had a really bad day, do not go to bed upset. When you are brushing your teeth, or doing what it is that you do before bed, start putting those positives in your head. Most importantly smile when you lay down to sleep. Sure no one is there to see it, except your significant other but still when you are smiling you can actually feel yourself smiling. You are aware of it and that alone is going to put you in a positive mood.

So you have your 8 hours of sleep and awesome thoughts before bed, now when you get up you may still have some challenges. Certainly all do not apply to each and there are many others but I will go over a few. How about those alarm clocks? I don’t really know anyone who likes that noise in the morning. For me if I go to bed on time I will usually wake up before my alarm even goes off. But it is not that easy for some. When you here that alarm clock in the morning just train yourself to love it. Seriously! When that annoying noise goes off just get excited. Get excited that you are alive, that it is a new day, that you get to do what you have been waiting to do. Right when you get up put that smile back on your face! Even after all that you may get out of bed and step on something or stub your toe or something else might happen. First of all keep your room and/or pathway clean, but when something bad happens just work through it and keep going. Get those positive juices flowing in your head. Waking up late is another challenge. Stop thinking about how it sucks and do what you need to do to get out the door and smile while doing it. Listen to some tunes that will charge you up, that will keep you smiling on your way to work or where ever you are going. Most important of all when one bad thing happens and it certainly may, don’t dwell on it, because it will just spiral your entire day into the negative. Work it out and move on.

When you practice staying positive before going to bed and when you get up, I guarantee you are going to have more restful night. You are going to be in a better mode every day.  If you want to sleep better you need to un-stress, unwind, and just keep those good thoughts in your head, and push out the bad ones. Most importantly you have to want to do it and stick it out till it become a mindless routine.  I never used to like sleep now I love it but I respect that I do need to get up and do other things with my life that I am going to love as well.

I know there are lots of different ways to do things and I am grateful for those of you who do follow me with my ways of positivism. I openly encourage you to share things that work for you on the subjects I talk about. Have a great day!

I leave you with this last note: Naps at any age are AMAZING! When you can take naps certainly do it!

2 Best Friends

I suffered from depression just like many other people. I am not here to give you statistic because that is just not going to be a positive thought no matter what number I throw out there. Suffered…. I meant to say that. Some say you never really get rid of it %100 but I don’t think that way. Every time it seemingly tries to show its ugly face in the back of my head I throw myself into UP Mode (Ultra Positive Mode). I will get more into UP Mode later.

It was very evident after 6th grade that I was very depressed. At the end of the school year the biggest crush I ever had, Allison, had given me her number and told me to call her over the summer. I never did call her, and from that point on I started losing all the friends I had in school. There was one person that stuck around during this time and that was Chris. To this day we are still best friends and he has carried a great importance on my life. A few years had gone by and Chris and I started chilling with other people in our neighborhood. Through comical stories of; getting hit by nunchucks,  breaking legos, hide and seek, laser tag, and video games, Chris and I started hanging out with Jake and another Mark. In the words of Jake today, “and the long of the short of it” Jake and I became best friends too.  Lots of people have one best friend but I have 2, I could never pick one over the other. With Chris and Jake it seems as though they have been part of my whole life, and I would say the 15-20 years is a huge chunk of time. From Chris and Jake I have developed an every growing circle of the absolute most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for.

Backing it back up, after 2 years of personal counseling I had a great new handle on my own depression. This has changed my life forever. It was weird to be able to concur it and then recognize exactly when it was trying to come back each time. After years of progress it seems as though It is gone for good. Having a good attitude on life certainly helps this too!

I think that is good for now. The next post I will talk about how Scouting has positively influenced my life.

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